RUL Night- Destiny on Xbox One

Guess what’s back? Back again. RUL Night’s back. Tell a friend! Okay, okay, I’ll stop. I promise. BUT, can you blame me for getting excited that we are about to have an RUL Night on Destiny on the Xbox One?!  I think we’re gonna have a ton of fun this Saturday and provide some terrific footage for a wonderful Aftermath. So RULers, errrr, I mean Guardians, put on your fanciest gear and grab your best weapons because we’re headed to Destiny this weekend to defend the light! Or to destroy people in the Crucible. Cause that’s important too.  Maybe if RNGesus decides to be nice, you may even manage to snag some awesome loot while having a great time with friends!

Because Destiny only has 6-person lobbies, we have multiple hosts who will decide what they want to do on Destiny. Some may head into the Crucible, while others attempt to defeat the Vault of Glass or Crota. If you don’t see an invite from the host you message, just toss a message to another host (and so on and so forth) until we can find you an empty slot. We may even add additional hosts as the night goes on, so keep an eye on Twitter for lobby/host updates. Additional details can be found below.


When:  Saturday, February 28th @ 5PM Central time

Game: Destiny

Where: Xbox One

Gamertags for Invites:

Start a R1ot  (Community Manager)

Resurrected X  (Community Coordinator)

Dark Rahien  (Super Moderator)