Call of Duty AW’s Next DLC Lets You Become Batman in MP

Following the highly popular Havoc DLC for Advanced Warfare, Activision has announced AW’s second DLC pack “Ascendance”.

Including the now CoD standard 4 multiplayer maps, 1 Zombies map combo, plus a new weapon, Ascendance looks to bring AW to exciting new heights…

There’s no point trying to one-up the trailer, which has more enthuiasm than a 7 year old showing you a picture he just drew of a dragon, so here’s the trailer in all it’s glory:

Ascendance features 4¬†multiplayer maps including “Perplex”, an apartment complex that gets rearragned by drones mid match, and alien ship crash site codenamed “Site 244” set at Mount Rushmore, along with “Climate” and “Chop Shop”, each with their own interactive elements and stunning backdrops.

Ascendance also includes the second installment in Exo Zombies – “Burgertown”. This brand new map introduces new mutated enemies, but also new equipment to fend them off with! New traps and weapons like the “Magnetron Microwave Gun” will appear in Burgertown, along with something a little different – a new “Civilian Extraction” mode which will require you to help fellow survivors escape the horde of mutations.

The fun doesn’t end there, though. The DLC pack also unlocks the all-new “OHM Directed Energy” two-in-one LMG/Shotgun combo weapon, and its custom variant, the “OHM Werewolf”. Yes, it looks as fun as it sounds.

Oh yes, one more thing. *cues old-school Batman theme*

Remember the Exo-Grapple ability from campaign? That’s now a thing in multiplayer. Available as an option to add to your exo-suit instead of one of the other exo-abilities, Exo-Grapple allows you to hook onto any surface and sling yourself towards it. That applies for human surfaces too, except you’ll end up skewering the target instead!

Ascendance will release first on Xbox Live, March 31st.

What do you think? Did you like the previous DLC? Are you excited for this one?

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