Halo: TMCC Content Update in Certification

The long-awaited next content update for Halo: The Master Chief Collection is nearly here.

In yesterday’s Halo Community Update, Bravo reported that the next content update is now complete and has been submitted for certification. Expect to hear more news in the next few days on timing and contents of this update.

Unlike many previous updates to the game since it’s seriously troubled launch, this is not another small update attempting to fix the many bugs affecting the game’s multiplayer experience and overall functionality bit by bit. Instead, the time since the last content update has been much longer than usual, and the impact of the update is expected to be the biggest yet.

The update was originally going to have a beta to ensure it had the biggest possible impact but was cancelled to allow for more time to work on it. Frank O’Connor has also backed up the importance of this update on NeoGAF, stating that “Everything is planned to be fixed.” This update “drastically overhauls some of the underlying issues, rather than trying to fix them bit by bit.”

An educated guess would place this update to launch within the next two weeks at most, provided all goes well. If this update successfully repairs all major issues with the game, would you return to the game?

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