It’s time for a Reunion tour with your band – Rock Band 4 coming to a console near you

Most of us, at some point, spent hours in front of our televisions, plastic instrument in hand, feeling like an eternal rock deity when we hit all the chromatic button combos to pull off a difficult track. While Guitar Hero started the craze, Rock Band expanded on it in the best way, adding new instruments and the ability to play with your friends instead of against.

The trend stuck around for a real, real long time and then quietly faded into the background like the end of U2’s “Sunday, Bloody Sunday,” as we moved on to whatever triple-A FPS was out at the time. Well, it may be time to go back to the lightning strap, as it were, because developer Harmonix is ready to bring Xbox One and PS4 owners Rock Band 4, the first next gen entry into the musical gaming genre we all so fondly remember.

While it will definitely hark back to your glory days standing in front of your television, the newest game can also be expected to expand the gameplay in ways we might not have expected.

With Rock Band 4, we’re doubling down on the energy and excitement of playing music live with your friends. Focusing on the core experience that our fans have told us they love allows us to evolve established gameplay in meaningful ways that we can’t wait to share with everyone later this year. –  Harmonix CEO Steve Janiak

There’s no official release date as of yet, but pre-orders are supposed to start soon. And, for attendees of next week’s PAX East, a limited edition Penny Arcade guitar peripheral can also be placed on pre-order. For information about the game, check out the video above, and also swing by the official Rock Band website for more updates to come.