Ori and the Blind Forest Review

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Occam’s Razor: the simple answer is the best answer.
Ori’s Razor: the simple game is the best game.

Moon Studio’s 2015 title: Ori and the Blind Forest is a shining example that you do not need $500 million to create a memorable experience. You do, however, need an immense amount of talent and vision.

The opening cinematic of the game is visually breathtaking. The musical score is so deeply woven into the experience that it feels as though it is being performed just for your game. The storytelling, with so few spoken words, is powerful. Before even taking control of a character, the game creates a connection with the player that most games take hours to achieve. Be wary, newcomers. The first ten minutes of this game will hit your feels harder than when your first pet moved on to a ‘farm up north.’

Ori and the Blind Forest is a 2-D platformer. If you have been gaming since the NES, this will feel like home to you. You may also remember, and be subjected to again, the extreme frustration that comes with the genre. If you can prevent your controller from flying across the room, the resulting satisfaction from some of the game’s more difficult sequences is hard to match. There are a few memorable ‘Sweet-lord-I’m-being-chased-by-a-just-a-bit-slower-than-me-wall-of-death’ sequences to conquer that are reminiscent of old Sonic games.

Sonic never had moves like Ori, though. Ori, the adorable monkey-weasel-cat, has an arsenal of movement elements that keep the game interesting from start to finish. As you begin to master one movement, you are introduced to another. No skill feels out of place or overshadows another and by the end of the game you will be chaining together some impressive movement sequences.

The progression of skills that you develop parallel the progression of emotional attachment. The story, though told by so few words, feels deep and enchanting. Ori and the Blind Forest tackles somber issues like loss and grief, juxtaposed with uplifting tales of nobility, sacrifice and love. You and monkey-weasel-cat will have a lot to talk about. You are tasked with restoring life to a once-great forest torn apart by a powerful storm. In its weakened state, dark forces have taken over the forest. Harness your abilities and uncover the secrets of the Blind Forest.

Ori 2

Ori and the Blind Forest is, at its core, a simple game. It’s a 2-D platformer with a single character that can be completed in about ten hours. Do not let the simple format fool you, though. The game has a grandeur unmatched by much larger titles on the market today. Do yourself a favor and pick up a copy today.

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  • Stunning Audio/Video Experience
  • Challenging Gameplay
  • Engaging Story

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  • Difficulty Ramps Up Quickly and may dissuade new platformers.

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