Star Wars Battlefront debuting in April!

This April 16-19th, there will be a Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim, CA that will cover many parts of the Star Wars universe. Among them, apparently, is the upcoming Star Wars game, Battlefront.

Initially announced at last year’s E3 conference, Battlefront is both a shooter taking place across multiple battles in the Star Wars universe. While previous entries in the series have been both third and first-person, there’s no official statement thus far as to what viewpoint players will take in this game. Shots from the development video below show both, but we’re still waiting for confirmation.

The release of the game is supposedly holiday season 2015, which would bring it around the same time as the release of Episode VII’s theatrical release. There are also rumors of characters fro the film being in the game, but that’s also not confirmed.

As a pretty big Star Wars fan, I’m super excited to find out more info about the game. How about you guys?