Tales from the Borderlands – Episode 2, ‘Atlas Mugged’ Trailer

Ready to go back to Pandora again…again…again? Ahh, you get the point.

Rhys, Vaughn, Fiona, and Sasha’s adventure on Pandora is far from over.
Things couldn’t get much worse after what they went through in episode one, right?
This is Pandora, kiddos! There’s always something bigger, badder, and uglier out there just waiting to ruin your day.


Want the official description of “Atlas Mugged” from Gearbox? Fine, you asked for it!

“In this second episode of the season, ‘Atlas Mugged,’ the discovery of the Gortys Project fuels a madcap race to find just what the Atlas Corporation was up to prior to Hyperion’s take over of Pandora. Our intrepid heroes are not the only ones on the trail. Vault Hunters, Bounty Hunters, Vasquez, and a giant monster thing with a mouth that looks like a… well, you’ll see… are all in pursuit. And to complicate matters, Rhys is being haunted by visions of a dead despot AND what Vaughn looks like without his shirt on. Can Fiona and Sasha hold everything together? That’s up to you.” 

You want a release date too?
Geez you guys are needy!

Episode 2 is EXPECTED to launch for all platforms on March 17th, but knowing how things go in the world of Borderlands, that might change. Keep an eye on Telltale Games on Twitter and Facebook for the latest details on exact release dates as they are confirmed.

In the mean time, try not to let the skags eat ya…