Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Teases Inbound Via Snapchat?

It looks like Black Ops 3’s marketing campaign may well be on the way.

A video released by YouTuber Drift0r helped push this news into the public eye when he just yesterday noticed a couple of strange additions to multiplayer maps in Black Ops 2 after a small update released a few hours prior, specifically Tweeted about by Treyarch’s David Vonderhaar.


The update has added Snapchat friend request symbols (they work a bit like QR codes) to a couple of posters in maps Plaza & Express in Black Ops 2. These request symbols link people to the Official Call of Duty account, now just recently updated to the name “Dr. Salim”, and currently has two 10 second clips posted, both of which can be found on, where further digging is being done.

The two clips show historic scenes, one with the voiceover “listen only to the sound of my voice…”, and the second’s voiceover saying “Let your thoughts drift… let the bad memories fade… let peace be upon you.”

The most recent entry in the CoD series, Advanced Warfare, was announced in May 2014, so this is the right sort of timing for the reveal of the next Call of Duty. It’s also Treyarch’s “turn” in the three year cycle of CoD development, with the last game being developed by Sledgehammaer Games, and the previous entry, Ghosts, developed by Infinity Ward.

Expect to see more coming in the next few weeks!

What do you think of this new marketing move? Would you want to see another Black Ops style game?

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