Destiny House of Wolves Livestream Recap – The Reef & Upgrade Paths

Today over on Twitch, Bungie took us on a tour of The Reef, the new social space coming to Destiny with the addition of Expansion II: House of Wolves on May 19th.

During the broadcast they revealed a ton of new information as well as the expansions new vendors located in The Reef. In addition, they showed us some of the new changes to Destiny’s material economy and ways to upgrade existing gear to reach the new attack and light level caps.

The Reef is home to a new social space, called Vestian Outpost, that is available for all Guardians, even those who don’t own DLC. However those with the House of Wolves expansion will receive their first story bounty once they visit The Reef the first time. The Reef is home to the Awoken and features a darker and dangerous atmosphere than The Tower. Guardians will also hear this reflected in the music as they wander through the Vestian Outpost.

Some of the new vendors located at The Reef include:


Petra Venj – Queen’s Wrath: Petra will act as the main story agent for the House of Wolves. She is back to dish out all new Queen’s Wrath bounties. Her inventory has the same items from Queen’s Wrath Rank 1 and 2, but all new items for Rank 3 including new Shaders and a new legendary ship Ceres Galliot. She will not be offering new Queen’s Wrath weapons or armor this time as those are added to the possible loot drop for Prison of Elders activity.


Variks, The Loyal – House of Judgement: 
Variks is in charge of the new Prison of Elders activity. The Prison of Elder is a 3 player co-op arena activity that has weekly reset and cap. The Prison of Idlers will also have multiple challenges to partake in offering new rewards. Varik’s inventory will rotate weekly but with a pattern, similar to Iron Banner.Destiny-HoW-Variks-House-Of-Judgement-PoE

Rank 1 Items: Legendary Class Items, and special and heavy ammo synthesis.
Rank 2 Items: New Legendary Ships.
Rank 3 Items: New Shaders.

Varik’s items are meant to give you an idea of what you might expect to earn through the Prison of Elders and they’re also all Fallen themed from each “Fallen House”. More details about the Prison of Elders activity will be shared Wednesday May 6th at 11am PDT / 2pm EDT over on their Twitch channel

Destiny HoW Prison of Elders

Destiny-HoW-Brother-Vance-Disciple-of-Osiris-ToSBrother Vance – Disciple of Osiris: 
Brother Vance runs the new Trials of Osiris activity. The Trials of Osiris is a special PVP event that takes place every weekend from Friday till the weekly reset on Tuesday (which could possibly overlap with Iron Banner PvP event as well). You can purchase new items such as Rewards, Supplies, and Passages which are needed as entry to the PvP event. Consumable items will also be offered that will affect the Trials of Osiris gameplay. More will be explained with Bungie’s next reveal which is focused on the Trials of Osiris, Wednesday April 29th at 11am PDT / 2pm EDT which you can catch over at

Destiny HoW Trials of Osiris

A Bounty Tracker, Post Master, and Cryptarch are also available in the Reef. You will have access to your existing Vault in The Reef (there’s no new vault). Xur, Agent of the Nine may or may not arrive at the The Reef as Bungie told us he can appear anywhere. The Reef also has room for expansion, similar to The Tower, which may open for special events.

The Tower is not going to become obsolete with the addition of The Reef. Bungie is making sure that you’ll return to The Tower as its vendors have also received some changes.

The Speaker: now offers Guardians the ability to exchange all materials at the cost of a small amount of glimmer. It’s possible now to exchange:

Ascendant Energy for Ascendant ShardsDestiny-HoW-Material-Exchange
Ascendant Shards for Ascendant Energy
Motes of Light for Ascendant/Radiant Shards
Glimmer for Ascendant/Radiant Shards
Radiant Shards for Radiant Energy
Radiant Energy for Radiant Shards

All Faction, Crucible, and Vanguard Vendors:  All vendors in the tower will offer all new inventories featuring new armor and weapons with new perks, designs, and stats.


Weapon and Armor Upgrades. Changes are being made to make upgrading old weapons and armor easier. This allows you to upgrade any legendary and exotic gear you have earned since launch to the new 365 attack and light level 34 cap.

Destiny-HoW-Ascend-WeaponsEtheric Light: is a new material item used to upgrade, “ascend”, old legendary weapons and gear to new standard set by the House of Wolves. The act of ascending gear requires a small amount of basic materials and glimmer. Also Ascending gear does not reset the weapon’s or armor’s current progression. Etheric Light can be found from end game activities such as Weekly Nightfall, Prison of Elders, Trials of Osiris, and Iron Banner.

Destiny-HoW-Ascend-Exotic-WeaponsExotic Shards: are now also used in place of Etheric Light to ascend Exotic gear. The act of ascending exotics does not reset the weapon’s or armor’s current progression. An exotic shard is still required to finish leveling up the exotic item’s last progression node. Xur is now no longer needed to upgrade Exotic weapons, although he will still offer Exotic Shards.

Reforge Weapons: New House of Wolves legendary weapons can be reforged at the Gunsmith. The act of reforging weapons will change weapons perks but it also resets any progression or ascension for that weapon.

Light Level 34: with these changes to the upgrade system in Destiny, all players regardless if they own DLC will be able to reach the new light level cap of 34.


 If you missed the tour of The Reef you can watch the recorded broadcast on YouTube