Indie Spotlight: Ananias Roguelike

I haven’t been playing my console much as of late. Really, I haven’t been playing many games, due mostly to lack of time. Times like these, I tend to look for fast, fun games to play in the little bit of downtime that I manage to get.

Most recently, that game has been Ananias Roguelike by Slashware Interactive, which I picked up after seeing on my Twitter feed some time back. While I’ve mostly played it on my phone, it is available on other platforms, with more coming soon.

playerCreationSo, what exactly is Ananias Roguelike? It’s a swift dungeon crawler based on older games, albeit with a much easier-to-use interface optimized for touchscreens and mouse clicks. In it, you take on one of a handful of preset classes and explore the randomly generated dungeon the game gives you.

The story, which doesn’t factor into the gameplay much, is that the great Serpent “Kramora” has risen from the underworld, and is destroying the world, seemingly unstoppable. The only way to defeat the serpent is to obtain the Ring of Ananias. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find the ring at the end of the treacherous dungeon.

Along the way, you’ll run into various unique monsters, all with their own attack styles and strategies for overcoming them. You can equip loads of different weapons, use spells that you find throughout the dungeon, have an animal companion aid you, or turn monsters into allies to help hack, slash, and burn your way to the end of the quest.

While combat itself is simple, do not let that fool you into thinking it’s easy. In the two dozen or so times I’ve tried to finish a run, I found myself getting overwhelmed fast. You really need to think about each encounter, astomb2 two or three monsters can ruin your trip in a few moves. After a few attempts, you’ll find yourself using the very scarce healing items only when absolutely necessary, and really paying attention to your health, your companion’s health, and your armor/weapon durability.

One is fast, the other is shirtless.

So, where can you get your hands on this nifty dungeon adventure? You can play for free in your browser, or you can download and play for free on any Android device. Also on Android is the “Fellowship Edition,” which, for $2.99, allows you to play as the two legendary classes Slayer and Barbarian, and also gives you access to leaderboards and the ability to create challenges for your friends.

iOS devices are slated to get a release of the game in June of this year, potentially with their own Fellowship Edition. More exciting than that, to me, is the Steam version of the game, which is currently in the Steam Greenlight program. Feel free to give it a ‘yes’ vote in order to help them along!

Overall, the game is fun, fast, and either really cheap or really free, depending on your platform and desire for extra goodies.