New Halo 5 HUNT The Truth Images

It appears that Xbox Australia is generating some hype for the Halo 5 HUNTtheTRUTH viral marketing campaign. A webpage was emailed to fans and within the page are three hidden photos – You can find these by clicking on the three flashing dots on the page.

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The first image is most definitely a piece of the Master Chief’s armor. The second image appears to be the face of a cliff with some unique and unnatural shapes/structures. Speculations are that the second image is from Spartan Locke’s visor which explains why it’s tinted blue. The third image appears to be of a snowy surface with four distinct dots.


If you increase the brightness and lower the contrast of the webpage, the words “Benjamin, hunt the truth” appear.


The webpage has the words “April 25-28. Worldwide” which is leaving fans speculating that something else may happen with the next installment of the HUNTtheTRUTH podcast which airs a new episode every Sunday.

A few more images were found by users on NeoGaf. Two small images show what looks to be Spartan Locke’s armor, that may be set in the same blue-tinted area. While the other resembles Master Chief’s armor and is set in a desert like area. The third shows a city with a building that’s damaged and on fire.

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What do you think these images mean? Let us know your thoughts in the forums.

UPDATE: Two more images of the puzzle have surfaced.

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