A Brief History of Blue Team…

It’s fairly safe to say that the majority of active Halo fans will have seen the recently revealed Halo 5: Guardians key art, depicting two teams of Spartans, one team supporting the Chief, one supporting Locke. Whilst we don’t know for sure who Locke’s buddies are, it’s fairly safe to say that Chief’s team is none other than Spartan Blue Team… but what IS Blue Team?

For those who haven’t read certain novels, Blue Team may just sound like a generic callsign, but to the seasoned Halo lore veteran, Blue Team is a VERY good reason to get excited. Now, we want everyone to be able to get in on the hype, so we’ve prepared a brief history of the famed Spartan team for your enjoyment!

The below contains spoilers of Halo: Escalation #8 – #10 and small plot points from a selection of Halo novels, read on at your own risk

Spartan Blue Team first came together in 2517 when Spartan trainees John-117, Kelly-087 and Samuel-034 were grouped together for a training exercise. They failed to work as team, and whilst John came first in the exercise, the other two came last and as a result it was declared that their team came last out of all the teams in the exercise. This lesson in teamwork solidified the connection between the three and Blue Team was formed.

Blue Team’s first formal mission following successful augmentations was known as the Assault on Eridanus Secundus, in 2525. Their mission was to infiltrate the rebel space station, and capture ex-UNSC Colonel Robert Watts, now a leading rebel figure. Causing very little commotion, the team successfully made it onto Eridanus Secundus, eliminated several of Watts’ guards, sedated Watts and escaped. The mission was successful and solidified the efficiency of Spartans in UNSC history.

Sam034In the few years that followed, the now four-man team (following the death of Samuel-034 during an assault on a Covenant frigate, and the addition of Linda-058 & Fred-104) had made quite a name for themselves through their many disruptions of rebel operations. In an attempt to end this streak, General Howard Graves, one of three heads of the United Rebel Front put together an ambush plan, luring them in by placing three FENRIS nuclear warheads inside rebel camp New Hope, and leaving it obvious enough that ONI would notice.

They successfully lured the team in and despite extensive defense systems in the camp, the Spartan team got to the warheads. This, however, was Graves’ intention as the team was then incapacitated with the use of a high-focus beam from an anti-gravity plate which tricked their armor into accounting for a 10-G environment, automatically increasing internal armor pressure, causing the team to fall unconscious. The team was captured using neural inhibitor collars to be interrogated, but this was cut short as they were rescued by Kurt-051, the newest addition to the team, who the rebels were unaware of and who had avoided the trap. The General was killed in the process, and despite the loss of a valuable capture, the mission was once again successful as the Spartans recovered the warheads and escaped without injury.

Between this point and the Fall of Reach, Blue Team was deployed on many operations, often with different makeups to suit the mission. When Reach was attacked, Red Team (all remaining Spartan-II’s except Blue Team) was assigned to defend the planet surface whilst Blue Team (John, James & Linda) was tasked with defending navigation data on one of Reach’s orbital space stations, in order to defend Earth’s location. James’s propellant module was damaged during a firefight on the station and was propelled into space, his status now MIA (presumed KIA). During extraction from the space station following successful defense and destruction of the data, Linda was shot in the back and fell into a coma.

310px-Ghosts_of_Onyx_CoverFollowing the assault on New Mombasa, Blue Team was deployed to numerous Earth locations to assist in the planet’s defense. After a two week campaign on Earth, the team captured a Covenant capital ship and under orders from Lord Hood, left for Forerunner Shield World Onyx to assist Dr Halsey. During the Battle of Onyx, where the team united with Team Saber, Dr Halsey, CPO Mendez and Kurt-051 against Covenant separatist and Forerunner Sentinel forces. During the battle, Kurt, Will and a number of Spartan-III’s were killed, whilst the remaining humans escaped into the planet’s Dyson Sphere through a portal, stranding themselves in the process.

In 2553, ONI’s Kilo Five team freed Blue Team and their allies from the Dyson Sphere, after which Blue Team were invited to join the Spartan-IV program.

After the events on Requiem, John was asked by Lord Hood to assist the current Blue Team in an investigation into the disappearance of Spartan Black Team on Installation 03, where they had acted as overwatch for a science team stationed there. On arrival to the ring, John, Fred, Kelly and Linda discovered that Black Team and the science team had been killed. They went to the Composer’s Abyss, where the Composer had been placed on Installation 03 before it was moved to Ivanoff Station and subsequently destroyed by the Master Chief.

Halo_Escalation_10Inside the Abyss, Blue Team discovered a recently-opened portal to a location known as the Composer’s Forge, where they discovered the Ur-Didact. The Didact had survived his encounter with John above Earth and had been transported via Slipspace to Installation 03, where he killed the human teams and escaped to the Forge. Within the Forge, the team realised there were multiple Composers, which the Didact intended to put to use. Blue Team engaged the Didact and were nearly killed, but the Forge’s monitor, 859 Static Carillon, saved them. They escaped to the ring’s surface, but the Didact pursued and re-engaged them, his armor now tuned to be impervious to their weapons. During the fight, John obtained the activation index from the Didact and the monitor transported the Didact to the Control Room.

John pursued whilst the rest of Blue Team went to the ship. John confronted the Didact, released the safety systems and with the assistance of Static Carillon ejected their sector of the ring to the planet below, where it would burn up. John escaped the ring and joined back up with Blue Team and the monitor took Installation 03 away for repairs; it is unknown whether the Didact survived.

Despite Hood ordering a break for Blue Team, they continued to operate after this event, to the surprise of nobody.

Now that Blue Team has appeared in Halo 5’s key art, we can definitely expect to see them in action in October. Hopefully this has helped you get a brief idea of how Blue Team began, how they got to where they are now, and where they got their reputation! If you want to find out even more about Blue Team, which you absolutely should, you can find them in:

  • Halo: Fall of Reach
  • Halo: First Strike
  • Halo: Ghosts of Onyx
  • Halo: Glasslands
  • Halo: Escalation
  • Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn

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