E3 2015 Conference Schedule

With just a month to go to E3 2015, the various conference times have been confirmed. The list is as follows in pacific standard time.

  1. Bethesda              – 6:30PM – Sunday, June 14th.
  2. Microsoft               – 9:30AM – Monday, June 15th.
  3. EA                         – 1:00PM – Monday, June 15th.
  4. Ubisoft                  – 3:00PM – Monday, June 15th.
  5. Sony                     – 6:00PM – Monday, June 15th.
  6. Nintendo               – 9:00AM – Tuesday, June 16th.
  7. Square Enix          – 10:00AM – Tuesday, June 16th.
  8. PC Gaming Show – 5:00PM – Tuesday, June 16th.

We should have what will be an extremely news rich E3 this year! So stay tuned for our coverage of the events and the other news that comes out during the week. Which conference are you most excited for? Let us know in the comments!