It’s… Y’know, Creative Licence, right?

There are now thousands of games out there. Some take themselves too seriously, some are so outlandish they don’t even make sense to the developers… A lot of games nowadays create their own fictional world, one that complies with virtually all of our own physical laws. Sometimes, however, the developers miss something, or choose to employ a bit of creative licence to make it work. Here’s a few of the best!

1) Assassin’s Creed: Haybales

It’s a well known fact that if Joe Bloggs jumps off something as tall as the Galata Tower in Constantinople (63m), a tiny little bundle of hay is going to do very little to prevent his certain death, should he prove lucky enough to land directly on it. But for an Assassin, bales of hay now possess live preserving powers, allowing them to jump from the tallest buildings and continue their day like nothing happened. Oh, did I mention how much of a stunning coincidence it is that every tall building in every AC game happens to have a bale of hay or a body of water nearby?

Long way down…

2) Halo 5: Master Chief Learns to Swim

We’ve all had this thought. Master Chief, an augmented, heavily trained and super-unbeatable Spartan supersoldier can withstand grenade blasts, survive the Composer, fall from space and far more… But go for a swim, wade waist deep into water? Certainly not – that’s far too dangerous for any Spartan to survive.

Don’t mess around with water…


3) Next Level Healthcare

When I get ill, I take medication and gradually get better. If I were to be shot or stabbed, I’d have one hell of a time recovering, if I were lucky enough to survive at all. Video games have other ideas.

Get shot in an FPS? Don’t worry, just wait a few seconds, you’ll stop bleeding, your wounds will miraculously heal and you’ll be fighting fit in no time.

Get stabbed by a guard in Assassin’s Creed ? Smelling salts have you covered. Beyond their normal use of perking the user up and restoring consciousness when dazed, these magical salts can also instantly heal stab wounds!

Oh, and make sure to take some food out with you if you’re walking the streets alone at night, because just like in Dead Rising, should you get seriously injured in an attack, a quick snack should get you back on your feet no problem.

“I’ve just been shot 8 times, Sergeant!” “Quit whining… Just walk it off”


4) Oh look, it’s a collectible! Wait… How is it… floating…there?

Collectibles. You’ll find them in a large majority of games… but how did they get there? Credit where credit is due, Ubisoft did try and stay plausible when they introduced the agonising hunt for collectible flags in AC1, however the ever-in-flight sea shanties in Black Flag and the floating cockades in Unity are a little harder to explain.

As for the skulls in Halo… where did they come from? Who put them there? Then we have Destiny’s Engrams, what even are they? Why do they eject themselves from enemies upon death? Sounds painful…

Who keeps chucking these sea shanties away?


5) Did you hear something? Nah, there’s nobody sneaking around here…

Ever dropped from a decent height in a stealth game and wondered “how the heck did they not hear me?” – we all have – because they MUST have heard us.

Guards in stealth games have amazingly poor hearing, whether it be the fact they didn’t hear you run up behind them, or shoot their buddy 5 meters away, or push that guard over the ledge next to them as he screamed at the top of his voice…

In fact, they’re partially blind, too. How I was never spotted crawling through a bush or sat on a bench in AC, or crawling into that ventilation shaft in Splinter Cell with bright green lights all over my suit, I will never know…

You'll find less lights on a Christmas tree...
You’ll find less lights on a Christmas tree…

Have you seen any other uses of creative licence in games?

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