MomoCon 2015: Home Grown Anime, Gaming and More

MomoCon is an annual convention in Atlanta, Georgia celebrating anime, western cartoons, comics, gaming and more. Its beginnings were humble, being free to attend and hosted in Georgia Tech’s Student Center, and it hasn’t stopped growing.

While the original focus was on anime, the convention has spread its wings, and has become (according to them at least) the largest gaming convention in the southeast United States. Now, I live not far from Atlanta, but because being an adult is really lame, I can’t go. Fiddlesticks, you say? Wrong, because I can catch a huge portion of the panels from MomoCon 2015 on Twitch!

A full list of the panels to be streamed can be found here, as well as info on when they’ll be streamed, who is hosting and direct links to the twitch channel. Right here, though, we have a short list of prominent panels:

  • Borderlands Behind the Characters – Gearbox Software
  • Inside Hi-Rez Game Design – Hi-Rez Studios
  • eSports – Riot Games, Hi-Rez Studios and Justin Wong
  • Breaking into the Games Industry – 343 Industries, Hi-Rez Studios and Sega
  • Halo: Panel Evolved – Kieth David (The Arbiter) and Steve Downes (Master Chief)
  • The Art of Smite – Hi-Rez Studios
  • Journey of Art through Disney – art director, thatgamecompany

The convention starts Thursday, May 28th and lasts until Sunday, May 31st. If you’re interested, tune in and show MomoCon, the gaming world, and Atlanta some love!