What IS The Halo 5 Collector’s Edition Statue?

Right now, details on the contents of the collector’s editions of Halo 5: Guardians are scarce to non-existent. However, this hasn’t stopped the community speculating, and some wonderfully beautiful ideas have been floating around the internet lately…

If you go and do the math, using Halo: Reach as a comparison (having nearly an identical edition structure to Halo 5), the value of the Halo 5 statue should have a monetary value of approximately double that of the Reach NOBLE Team statue, so it’s safe to let the imagination run a little.

Here areĀ a few possibilities for what you may find inside the Halo 5 Limited Collector’s Edition!

1. There are two sides to every story…

We’ve all seen the dual-perspective trailers that hit our screens some weeks ago, the devastated scene with our two main characters seemingly hunting each other down. Question is, which scenario REALLY happened? Considering the distorted-truth theme is likely to be one the the key pillars of the game’s story, and the importance of these two trailers, it would be no surprise (and seriously cool) if the statue turned out to be a double sided piece, with the two final scenes in the trailers placed back to back, downed Chief to downed Locke, ruinedĀ memorial to pristine memorial…

Screenshot_1 Screenshot_2

2. Whose side are YOU on?

Another highly important piece of imagery in the marketing for Halo 5 is the key art itself, showing the two Spartan fireteams, among other things. Perhaps the statue will feature a back to back design, like the above, but with Chief’s team in the key art pose on one side, and Locke’s on the other. It would make sense, value wise, considering the NOBLE statue is roughly half the value, and features just one Spartan fireteam, not two.


3. Don’t make a girl a promise…

Chief has gone AWOL, he’s also recently lost possibly the closest emotional attachment he has formed in decades, he carries around her empty data chip and pulls it out when faced with an enormous mecha-construction. Any guesses what one of the game’s major themes is going to be? A statue of cloaked Chief holding up Cortana’s data chip is definitely a safe bet for this collector’s edition.


4. Were it so easy…

Why is the Arbiter working with Locke to find Chief? What is his motive? If it goes one way, we may have a scene similar to the below, with gloriously updated armor, if it goes the other way, we may be treated to a model of a “still” from a possible action-packed fight between the two ex-allies.


5. The Reclamation has already begun.

Seeing as the Forerunners only came into play visually around the time of Halo 4, virtually all the statues, models and action figures we’ve had so far have been of Human, Covenant or sometimes Flood origin. Now that the Forerunners have been pushed into the limelight, maybe we’ll be getting something Forerunner-themed? A statue of the Didact? Halsey and the Janus Key? An as-yet unannounced Forerunner antagonist or installation? Perhaps even a detailed replica of a Halo ring? We’ve never had an actual Halo ring collectible before and to the average collector I’m sure it feels a little overdue. Without knowing where Halo 5 is going to go, it’s difficult to assume, but having something Forerunner would definitely be a great way to make this piece something different entirely.


What do you think could be included in the Halo 5 Limited Collector’s Edition?

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