5 Reasons Why Halo 5 Is the Best Thing to Happen to Halo in 5 Years [OPINION]

We all know that the last five years or so has been a very bumpy ride for the Halo series, what the ups & downs are tend to vary depending on who you speak to, but they happened one way or another.

This October, Halo 5 launches, and from what we’ve seen so far, it’s shaping up to be one of the greatest experiences ever to bear the Halo name. Why? Here’s why.

1. Arena Multiplayer

"Flag Juggling" returns in Halo 5's Multiplayer.

Since Halo 3’s widely-loved multiplayer offering, we’ve had multiple starting loadouts, customisable starting loadouts, ordnance drops and generally uneven playing fields. Halo 5 brings us back to basics. One starting loadout, on map weapons, all abilities available to everyone, all the time.

2. Dedicated Servers All Day Every Day

No past Halo game has ever purely used dedicated servers, with most games using P2P and recently MCC using a combination of dedicated servers and P2P connections. Halo 5 will solely use dedicated servers, whether it be matchmaking OR customs. Say goodbye to lag, host advantage and online sad times!

3. Feet first into Halo canon!

"Sanghelios Stonebound" is one of many locations we will explore.

Halo 4’s campaign was praised by many for its canon depth, but Halo 5 is going far, far further. Blue Team appear in a Halo game for the first time ever, plus Halsey, Arbiter, Buck and more all-star Halo characters thrown into the sandbox with newer characters, never before seen locations like Sanghelios and all new enemies like Promethean Soldiers (and Guardians?)!

4. Playerbase divided no more!

Free DLC multiplayer maps means the multiplayer community will never be divided in Halo 5. The issue with paid DLC MP maps is that only those who buy the DLC have access to the DLC playlist, so it naturally has a lower population, players typically prefer matching faster and so choose a standard playlist with higher population, missing out on playing their DLC maps. Free DLC maps mean that everyone gets to experience the exciting new maps, and will result in higher probability of DLC showing in standard playlists and higher DLC playlist populations. Everybody wins!

5. AI Characters DO have Brains, YOUR Brains!

Give your team orders to gain an advantage.

How many times have you hopelessly tried to get the rocket-launcher wielding Marine to get into the passenger seat of a ‘Hog rather than the gunner? How many times have you cursed the AI for being useless in combat support? Fireteam gameplay has you covered. Want Linda to swap her rifle for that Hydra? Tell her to. Want Buck to distract those Elites from the far side of the room so you can get the drop on them? Tell him to. Underestimated the punishing attacks of enemies on Legendary and need a revive from your teammates? TELL THEM TO. While we don’t know the final details of how the fireteam mechanic will workh, this is the general idea, and it sounds glorious.



Of course, there will be things that people won’t like about Halo 5, perhaps some of them are on the above list. One thing’s for certain, there’s a strong feeling going around that Halo 5 is the product of the community providing feedback and the developer listening -something we need to see more of in every game’s development.

Would you agree with this list? What would you add or remove, and why?

Let us know below in the comments!