Final Fantasy 7 gets an HD Remake, finally.

Final Fantasy 7 was, to some, the ultimate Final Fantasy experience. It was a big change for the series in tone, in art style, and it was the first to have fully rendered, polygonal characters. While it may not be everyone’s favorite, saying that it doesn’t hold a place in video game history as at least ONE of the best FF’s would be a downright fabrication.

After teasing us years ago with a tech demo for FF7 on the PS3, Square Enix has finally delivered unto us the Fantasy so many love once more, in glorious HD.

The featured teaser at the top of the post is all we’ve gotten so far, and there’s no telling when we’ll get more of a look into the remake. No release date, either, and only one console confirmed. PS4 will get it “first,” says Sony at their conference, meaning it will likely be a timed exclusive, coming to the Xbox One about a year or so later. PC players are probably hopeful as well, considering a handful of FF titles live on Steam now.

Also on the horizon is Final Fantasy 15. It will be interesting to see how close the two games launch apart from each other, and which one will have higher sales.