Halo 5: Guardians at E3 2015

Microsoft’s E3 press conference got off to a roaring start today with Halo 5: Guardians taking the helm!

Firstly, we were treated to a montage of clips from the game’s cutscenes, followed by a gameplay demo of an exciting section of a Fireteam Osiris mission in the campaign!

Make sure to watch it above if you didn’t see it live, as there’s a wealth of beautiful footage, showing the way the fireteams communicate and coordinate, indicating important locations and discussing their search for Blue Team as they go. Major highlights of the gameplay include:

  • A super-expansive skybox
  • First gameplay of combat with a Promethean Soldier
  • The emergence of an ENORMOUS Guardian
  • A new Covenant weapon called the “Plasma Caster”, appears to be a cross between Reach’s Plasma Launcher and the Concussion Rifle?
  • A mysterious Forerunner enemy who identified himself only as “Keeper of the Domain”

Now, whilst it was amazing to see, all of that was mostly a visualisation of what we already know to be in the game. We were, however given some VERY exciting Multiplayer information.

Halo 5’s multiplayer suite will include 24-player multiplayer modes, and will feature a brand new mode titled Warzone. Warzone is an all-new multiplayer experience to Halo, featuring what is essentially Player vs Player vs Environment gameplay! Expect more details on the structure or the mode to appear in the coming days, but from what the gameplay suggested, it includes objective gameplay, and pits two teams of players against each other, with the added complication of Promethean & Covenant enemies to fight off. However it finally plays out, this mode looks like the perfect embodiment of what a Halo BTB mode should feel like!

Make sure to check out the trailer for Warzone below!

There’s bound to be more info and more specifics on the above news popping up in the next few days, make sure to check back here on RUL as we’ll be keeping you up to date as it comes!

What do you think? What was your highlight from Halo’s segment!

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