Halo 5: Guardians Campaign Info Revealed via Game Informer

Who doesn’t love more Halo news?

On the eve of E3 2015, we have been given just that, thanks to 343 Industries and the lovely folks over at Game Informer!

The FULL Cover Art for Game Informer's July 2015 Issue
The FULL Cover Art for Game Informer’s July 2015 Issue

Game Informer will have a full spread in the issue, covering all the awesome details throughout. However, a bunch of details have already been revealed!

Game Informer got to visit 343 Industries and experience an early mission of the campaign first-hand. A mission that puts you, once again, in the Mjolnir clad boots of the Master Chief and at your side, is Blue Team. Consisting of Fred, Kelly, Linda, and John himself…Blue Team not only acts as the Chief’s fireteam, but are also playable characters in co-op. Each player takes on the role of that team member and in doing so, is given a loadout based on that character’s specialties.

Blue Team – Linda, John, Fred, and Kelly


This mission takes place before the UNSC labels Blue Team as AWOL and is forced to send another team of Spartans after them. This team is lead by none other than Jameson Locke and is called Fireteam Osiris. They have standing orders to either bring in Blue Team or take them out. Something which may prove difficult for a squad of new Spartan IVs…John and his team have been around a long time and have proven how formidable they are.

Fireteam Osiris consists of Locke, Tanaka, Vale, and our favorite ODST…Buck!

Fireteam Osiris – Tanaka, Locke, Vale, and Buck
ONI Agent Jameson Locke and leader of Fireteam Osiris
Buck is back!

Also mentioned, was a new multiplayer map called Fathom that is set in an underwater base. One that has many tricks and secrets for players to exploit and gain the upper hand. 343 also mentioned that the map Empire has seen some changes since the beta test and they teased a new multiplayer game mode that we have yet to see in any Halo game before. Interesting…

In some truly exciting news, it has also been revealed that Halo 5: Guardians will ship with 20 multiplayer maps with an additional 15 FREE DLC maps coming by June of 2016!

Be sure to check out Greenskull’s coverage video below for a summary of everything you’ve read here and more!

The FULL issue of Game Informer is available now, digitally, at GameInformer.com!

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