Halo 5 Phone Wallpapers, Profile Pics, and More

Didn’t I tell you that we’d have a ton of Halo 5 sexiness for you today?
I’m a man of my word. Honest.

We’ve spent our spare time over the last few nights making some wallpapers, profile pictures, headers, and phone backgrounds for you guys. By using official renders and concept art, these personalized images are as high quality as they get!
Click each image to take you to our full gallery of custom Halo 5 images!

Have a favorite member of Blue Team?
Maybe you prefer Fireteam Osiris?
Dr. Halsey..?

Which ever you choose, we’ve got a phone wallpaper for you!

Click any image below to head to the phone Wallpaper download page!

The same goes for profile pictures/avatars!
There’s some multiplayer Spartans, classic and new enemies, and even a Guardian here!
You’ve got lots to choose from here, so go crazy!

Click any image below to head to the profile picture download page!

You’re going to want a fancy header to go with that new profile picture, right?
Thought so.

Enjoy some custom Halo 5 headers featuring official Halo 5 concept art and character renders!

Click the image below to head to the header download page!

How about some wallpapers?

Click any image below to head to the Wallpaper download page!

You can never have too much Halo. FACT.

We hope you guys enjoy these as much as we loved making them!
E3 is only a few days away, so make sure you come back here and stay tuned to everything RUL for the latest news and info!