Microsoft Partners With Oculus

Is Xbox’s answer to Sony’s Project Morpheus finally here in the form of a partnership with the leading Virtual Reality developer Oculus?

No, but it’s certainly a curious relationship.

Last Thursday¬†during the¬†Oculus E3 conference the curious partnership was outed. This comprehensive deal includes several main areas of focus. The first of which is the every Oculus Rift will include an Xbox One controller, and wireless adapter for the PC. However it is worth noting that Oculus does have it’s own motion controller in development. The Xbox One controller certainly seems to be a temporary solution to the problem at hand.

What perhaps most gamers might be excited about is the inclusion of the ability to play Xbox One games on the Oculus Rift. This feature is made possible using the stream to Windows 10 functionality as such, you’ll need to own an Xbox One, a Windows 10 PC and the Oculus Rift itself. In this specific case the Oculus offers no benefits other than a virtual cinema screen, the amazing VR features that gamers rave about will not be a functionality of the feature.

Additionally Windows 10 is the lead platform for Oculus Rift development, meaning at launch the Oculus will be best paired with a windows PC.

For more information on the Oculus-Microsoft Partnership consider watching the video below.