Ready Up Live Community Update – It’s Back!

What’s that? A wild community update blowing around in the wind?! QUICK! Someone jump on it! Pin it to the ground! It’s been lost for a while!

Did we catch it? What? We DID?! My god! It’s a miracle! What does it say?!

It’s Saturday June 13th! (Barely!) and it’s time for the first of the what will now be reoccurring community updates! You can expect to see one of these beautiful suckers once every one to two weeks! (I’m not sure what frequency I want to ease into yet!). Anyways, instead of some rambling maybe I should get to the juicy meat of the Community Update!

RUL 10! It’s here, it’s near and we’re pumped! We’ve been rocking the new site since June 9th! That’s nearly five days experiencing everything RUL 10 has to offer. I hope you’re enjoying it, but as with anything, there’s always room for improvement so  I’d like to take a moment to point you towards our RUL 10 Feedback thread! Let us know what you think RUL 10 needs, and if you find any glitches with the new site!

Game nights?! What’s a game night? Well it’s when the fine people of RUL get together and play a game together! I’m happy to announce that this upcoming Saturday will have a game night on Halo: The Master Chief Collection! Stay tuned for the official details post sometime on Sunday, but get pumped guys! We’re going to have a bunch of fun on Halo: MCC!

E3 starts tomorrow and we’ll be providing coverage of all of the hottest gaming news! Keep your eyes peeled to our front page if you want to stay in the loop and one up your friends with your gaming world knowledge!

In the interest of keeping this community update short I’m going to cut it off here and save some delicious secrets for the upcoming community updates.