Review: Tales From the Borderlands – Ep. 3 “Catch a Ride”

Welcome back, kiddos!

Episode 3 of Tales from the Borderlands is here and to be honest, its probably the best one yet.
Right from the start, its action-packed and Telltale made sure to throw the QTE’s at your face really fast. This episode really demands your full attention and there’s no time for relaxation…not on Pandora.. This is not only because of the split-second decisions you have to make, but because there are key plot elements here that you won’t want to miss. The episode ranges from chaotic, to comedic, and even romantic…should you so choose go down that road. There’s even a bit of a “bromance” moment between Rhys and Vaughn, which admittedly, is a bit touching.


Meet Vallory.
I won’t spoil anything for you in terms of who she is and what she does in this episode. The details are yours to find out, but I will tell you this: she isn’t your friend.
She shows up rather quickly in the episode and makes sure everyone knows it. However, this is Pandora and not everything always goes according to plan, especially when there are Vault Hunters involved. That being said, she departs as quickly as she arrives…but don’t count on that being the last time you’ll see her.

The central plot of this series revolves around – what else? – a Vault. Our gang of misfits have discovered that the key to accessing this vault, lies with the Atlas corporation. More accurately,  the GORTYS Project, which is something the company left behind before being driven off the planet by Hyperion. In the previous episode, Rhys and Fiona finally managed to get there hands on it and after there run-in with Vallory, they finally discover what it is.


She’s probably one of the cutest robots you’ll ever see, as Fiona is quick to point out.
Sweet, innocent, and without a lick of sarcasm in her round little shell, she soon becomes you’re literal compass leading you to the Vault.
However, she can’t do that without first getting her upgrades! The first of which, becomes the primary goal of this episode. There’s a lot of vehicles involved this time around too, some of which are a little less than “conventional” per say. Hence the name “Catch a Ride”. Also, GORTYS soon forms what appears to be a close bond with the only other robot around, LoaderBot. At one point, the two can be heard exchanging banter back and forth about Rhys’ tie and questioning human “fashion sense”, which is a bit amusing. Also, speaking of fashion, there comes a point in this episode where you get to purchase new gear/skins for your characters. You’re limited by the amount of cash that you’ve accumulated, however. At $500 a piece, I was only able to buy a new outfit for Fiona and a new arm skin for Rhys.

Remember though, Pandora is far from sunshine and rainbows. (Unless you count that double rainbow…)
There’s plenty of action this time around and even the introduction of two very familiar Vault Hunters that every Borderlands fan should recognize.


“Catch a Ride” offers up some interesting decisions this time around, while also delivering a fun and ever evolving story line. It’s smart, witty, funny, and alluring. Putting the game down even for a minute, might prove difficult. The character development is top notch and we really get to feel a sense of attachment to them now. They aren’t just random strangers anymore and by the end of the episode, we can see them finally begin to form a cohesive bond as a group of friends, instead of enemies. Even well known characters like Athena are exposed a bit more, which is very refreshing. The end of the episode is climactic and unexpected, leaving players wanting more. We are also left with a number of questions. One of the biggest of them being who the masked character is that has abducted Fiona and Rhys and forcing them to tell this tale. Fiona herself even questions him/her about this, but with little results.

All in all, this episode is an essential part of the tale. One that is a joy to play and watch unfold.
If you happen to catch a ride and pick this one up, just remember…there’s a Pimento Taco–a Pimentaco–in the glove box.


9 out of 10