Star Wars: Knights of the Fallen Empire Expansion Announced

A new expansion to Star Wars KOTOR has been announced!

To be made available to all Star Wars: KOTOR subscribers free of charge, Knights of the Fallen Empire is an expansion on an already huge story universe, putting the player in the shoes of “The Outlander”, a veteran of the Great Galactic War.

Knights of the Fallen Empire “includes the first nine chapters, fueled by BioWare-style cinematic storytelling, that kicks off a new player-driven story arc that puts you at the center of a conflict where your choices have impact on outcomes including unexpected twists and betrayals.”

“Choose your path…join or betray companions, old and new…and shape the future of the entire galaxy as well as your own. Best of all, this is only the beginning…”. This expansion will be continued with further chapters to follow.

KofFE launches October 27th, head here for more information!