What RUL Content Would You Like to See?

Now that the website is looking all new and flashy again, perhaps you’d like to have some new and flashy content to go with it?

We’d like to hear from you what content you’d like to see from RUL, as well as opinions on what you have/haven’t liked about past content – this will help us to make sure we’re putting 100% of our time into making the content you want to see!

If you like the sound of fun, interesting content (we already know you do, so don’t answer that one), simply answer the questions below to help us make it happen:

– What has been your favourite piece(s) of content and why?

– What has been your least favourite piece(s) of content and why? (Be honest!)

– What content (that we don’t already offer) would you like to see?

– What changes would you like to see in current content?

We look forward to hearing your thoughts and suggestions!