Artist Spotlight: Allen Panakal

In the giant sea of endlessly similar artists and vendors at IndyPopCon, one particular booth stood out. The artwork looked like a unique blend of digital and analog techniques with a minimalist design. The display was full of images of iconic sci-fi, fantasy, video game, and comic book characters. Three particular pieces really caught my eye: Destiny Guardians. As a fan of the art and the game, I needed to own them. The images below do not do the real works justice.




After purchasing the three prints I spoke with the artist, Allen Panakal, for a few moments about his work. It was clear he was as passionate about the subjects as he was the art. (Even though his main is a Warlock, which we all know is super lame)(Editors note: Allen actually plays a Hunter main, which is much less lame.) Allen even assured me that there was some Halo art in the works. I’ll be on the early list of buyers for that as well, I’m sure.

To see more of Allen’s work you can check out his webpage:
If you’re interested in purchasing some of his artwork, you can do that on his Etsy Page:
You can also find him on social media here: Twitter , Instagram