China Lifts Ban on Video Game Consoles

After 15 years of restrictions on video game consoles, China is now lifting its ban on video game consoles.

This news follows last years experimental “free trade zone”, an 11-square-mile area of Shanghai that console makers were allowed to operate in. Even this area, however, proved difficult for console production, requiring regulator approval, development contracts and individual inspections of every single console produced there.

The ban itself was put in place in 2000 amid fears that consoles & video games negatively impacted the development of children.

Video game console producers will now be able to manufacture and sell their consoles anywhere in China, opening the video game market beyond its previous limitations of PC & mobile gaming. With a population well in excess of 1bn, this new potential customer base could prove lucrative to big console producers like Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo, potentially propelling one far ahead of the competition if they market themselves right. Only time will tell…

Do you think video games impact the development of children? Is there a better way to tackle the issue if so?

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