Crashlands: Slapping its way to a better crafting system!

If there was ever a game trailer that would sell you on a game that you’ve never played this would be it. Butterscotch Shenanigans has a new trailer out for their upcoming arcade title called Crashlands and you want to watch it. The trailer has everything: a toilet car, sass (maybe too much sass, even) (just kidding you can never have too much sass), murder, crafting, a toilet car, flappy limbs, and also a toilet car. If that stuff doesn’t get you interested in a game, I don’t know what will.

We got a chance to play a short demo at IndyPopCon and experience the sass ourselves and it was glorious. As I clicked furiously to make my nubby-limbed companion move away from the impending attack of a one legged hippo monster, I let out an audible yelp. I knew I was probably going to die, but I also knew that I needed to slap the fleshy bits right off of the thing so I could make a suit out of him. The crafting, as it turns out, relies heavily on murder. Slappy, slappy murder. This makes tracking down items for construction something you want to do instead of a chore. More importantly, Crashlands cuts the fat out of the standard for crafting systems and even allows you to ‘track’ a particular recipe for an item so you can see how much more of something you need. They’ve also made every clickable item useful in some way. If you can slap it, you can use it.


The game promises a solid story that revolves around you and your floating Juicebox companion as you explore a new world. It was nice to play an open world crafter that gave me a real purpose, even if on occasion that purpose was just slapping things for Juicebox’s amusement. I’ll slap creatures for someone’s amusement over punching a tree to build a crappy log cabin any day.

Crashlands is a cross platform game slated for release this year (2015) on desktop and mobile. You’ll even be able to move your saves between the two so you can slap on the go!
You can pre order the game on steam now!