Halo: Fleet Battles’ The Fall Of Reach – Now Available

The Halo-themed tabletop game from Spartan Games has begun shipping to buyers. Developed by working closely with 343 Industries, the game aims to recreate some of the most epic space battles from the Halo universe during the most pivotal conflict of the Human-Covenant War, all in a fun one-on-one tabletop format.


The following content is included in the Fall of Reach box set:

  • A full color 100+ page rulebook packed full of images and examples
  • Fall of Reach campaign guide
  • 49 highly-detailed plastic ship models
    • UNSC (32 models)
      – 1 Epoch-class Heavy Carrier
      – 4 Marathon-class Heavy Cruisers
      – 27 Paris-class Frigates
    • Covenant (17 models)
      – 1 ORS Class Heavy Cruiser
      – 2 CCS Class Battlecruisers
      – 14 SDV Heavy Corvettes
  • 25 custom Halo Dice
  • Fleet Commander Data Sheets
  • Flight Stands and Overlay Cards
  • Punch-out Scenery and Token sheets
  • Quick Guide reference sheets

This set should be welcoming to long-time tabletop gamers and Halo fans alike, bringing the Halo universe into yet again, another medium for fans to enjoy! Click here to buy the game now!

Will you be picking this up and going toe-to-toe with your friends?
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