Halo News Recap | San Diego Comic-Con 2015

I cover all the major Halo announcements from San Diego Comic-Con 2015 in one convenient video. Discussing A Hero Reborn, the new ViDoc from 343i about their work on the Halo series, and also covering The Fall of Reach trailer and Hunt The Truth Season 2. Finally, some of the new Halo toys featured at Comic-Con this year are really cool, SDCC even featured a real life Breakout arena setup by Boomco and 343.

A Hero Reborn ViDoc

Let’s start things off with A Hero Reborn, the new Halo ViDoc that was released by 343 to showcase all the latest info on the development of Halo 5. It also gives us a better look at the first blue team mission, and some of fireteam Osiris’s members: Vayle, Tanaka, and even Buck. There is a short sequence showing Locke speaking to the arbiter followed by some shots of Sanghelios, and a giant covenant machine that hasn’t been reveled yet. The vidoc also featured a bunch of short clips of other environments, missions, and cool stuff. Check out Greeenskull’s recap video to get all the details.

The Fall of Reach Trailer

The next video 343 released was a trailer for The Fall of Reach, an Animated Series based on Erik Nylund’s 2001 novel of the same name. The series was produced by the Sequence Group, an animation and live action production studio in Vancouver, British Columbia. They have worked with 343 in the past, providing the animated footage for the terminals in Halo CE:A as well as the Master Chief Collection. The full series will run about 60 minutes and tells the story of the beginnings of the spartan 2 program, lots of familiar faces make appearances in the trailer, so go check it out!

Halo 5 Hunt The Truth

Next up there was exciting news for fans of Hunt The Truth. It was announced that the hugely successful audio series will have a second season that is set to release later this year. Initial reports say we should look for a release date some time in September. That means if you haven’t already, go listen to Season 1 to get caught up right now!

Raid on Apex 7

This was the biggest Comic-Con ever for Halo toys: first the new Warzone map Raid on Apex 7 was announced via a huge Mega Bloks build video, which features a beautiful new composition from the Halo 5 soundtrack. Mega Bloks also featured new Halo merchandise in the form of an exclusive character pack featuring Locke, the Arbiter, and of course, the Master Chief.


Another company associated with Mega Blocks, BoomCo, created some amazing Halo weapons that could be used in a real life Breakout arena constructed for the con. The trusty UNSC pistol, the Covenant plasma blaster, along with a really cool light up Needler, provided a basic Halo weapon sandbox for the event. Unfortunately, the majority of these products were Comic-Con exclusives, but they may go on sale to the general public as soon as October, there have even been shots of a Covenant Carbine and an SMG floating around the internet.

Boomco Halo Weapons

Finally, 343 partnered with 3D printing company Sandboxr to allow fans to custom build their own spartans. The 3d printed characters offered 5 weapon choices(AR, BR, Magnum, Hydra, and Shotgun), four armor variants(Helioskrill, Mk VI[Gen 2], Recruit, and Athlon), three poses(standard, dynamic, and heroic), and two sizes: medium($60) or large($100). There is no news yet as to whether Sandboxr will be adding Halo figures to its regular lineup of products. Thanks a lot to Laird from Halo Collector for pointing out I missed this in my original video!

3d spartan