Summer Games Done Quick Finally Here -FULL SCHEDULE-

Speedrunning Community “Speed Demos Archive”(SDA) is days away from starting their summer week long charity marathon “Summer Games Done Quick”. If you’re not a part of the always growing speedrunning scene, you may be wondering what all the hype is about. Well just consider the fact that in 5 short years SDA has raised over $4 million for various charities such as the Organization for Autism Research, the Prevent Cancer Foundation, and the returning charity of this SGDQ Doctors Without Borders.

With genres like platformers to horror games, and titles ranging from Portal, Minecraft, and Super Mario Sunshine. There is sure to be something for everyone. If you’ve never watched a speedrun simply find your favorite games on the schedule, and make sure to be there when they are played; Or simply tune in throughout the week on their Twitch Channel.

Plan your week accordingly and Check out the Full SGDQ Schedule