SMITE (Xbox One) – Less Intimidating Than You’d Think

I’ve been trying to get my fellow Ready Up Live staff on the Smite train for quite a while now with almost no success. This got me thinking “why don’t they show any interest?” Well, other than the fact that Smite isn’t primarily a shooter (it definitely has shooter aspects), it’s also compared on a large scale to games like League of Legends and DOTA 2. While these games are great and have their own reasons for being fun, Smite, in my opinion, is even more fun because it’s essentially a 3rd person action game with MOBA-like features. Today I’m going to go over why you should give the Smite Open Beta on Xbox One a try and steps you can take so it won’t intimidate you!

The best way I can describe Smite is that it’s a game with levels, and each time you master a level you move onto the next one. The problem I encountered when first playing Smite is that I tried to master everything at once. I tried learning a character, what all the items do, what my “role” was, etc… Now, looking back, I realized that was a mistake. If you don’t let the game overwhelm you, it won’t. Here are a few tips for new players:

1. Pick A God – This is basic. Pick a God you like from the free rotation that you want to practice with, preferably from the always free Gods: Guan Yu, Ra, Thor, Neith and Ymir.

2. Learn Your God’s Moves and Passive – Learn the God inside out. Don’t keep hopping Gods, otherwise you’ll never get good with one. A good rule is to try a God for 3 games before determining you don’t like it.

3. Learn The Conquest Map – It always comes back to this. Most of Smite’s gameplay revolves around this gametype, with the exception of Arena. Even if you don’t play Conquest, learning the map is important if you want to play pretty much any gametype. Learn what spawns where, what your team should be doing and how to move around the map.

4. Learn The Items – This is the LAST thing you want to learn in Smite, and probably the most intimidating. Items are where your stats mainly come from and determine how your God plays. You should start off with Auto-buy on and notice what items the game buys for you. You can also study items through the “Help” menu on the game’s home screen!

More criticism I hear abut not playing is that “I just want to shoot stuff.” Well, you can! Now, before you ask, it’s not conventional TPS shooting, all of it takes place on a horizontal plane. But just because you’re not aiming on an X/Y/Z plane, doesn’t mean shooting doesn’t take skill. Shots need to be lead, timed and followed up with more shots just like in any competitive shooter. Here, just ask Apollo!



In all honesty, most skills and all ranged attacks in Smite need to be timed to hit your opponent; these are called “skill shots.” Gods like Ne Zha and Janus whose skill set mostly consist of skill shots are some of the most impressive, but it also makes then some of the hardest Gods to play in the game! Save these guys for later!

If the competitive skill aspect of the game doesn’t excite you, then the sheer number of Gods will. Currently, the game boasts a roster of 66 different Gods, and when I say different, I mean different. No two gods play the same. Period. Yes, you can play gods the same way, but thanks to unique skills and passive abilities each God has, there’s always a better way to play. And, to my knowledge, only one God can turn into a DRAGON and eat another God with his ultimate! (That God is Ao Kuang, btw)



I’m by no means a Smite pro… yet. But I am a guy whose been having more fun with the multiplayer in this game than I have any other game in a long time, and I’d hate for people to miss out on giving this FREE game a try. Will you be the best in the world after your first game? No. But just like anything that’s worth being good at, it takes time. And once you get good at the game, even you can make awesome game winning team plays like this:


That’s it for me, folks. Hopefully I’ve turned you on to the phenomenon that is Smite, even if it’s just trying it out because it’s FREE! And if you’re still on edge because of the wrap that MOBAs have, play with friends. Friends always make things better, and learning with someone you like playing games with always makes things better!

If you have any cool Smite plays or stories, share them in the comments. Heck, drop a question if you have any questions about the game you’d like answered!