What’s on Your “Game Collection” Wishlist?

With the recent boom of remakes, ports and compilations like Halo: MCC, Borderlands’ Handsome Collection and now the very exciting Rare Replay, pulling older games onto the new generation of consoles is becoming as common as creating a brand-new series entry. Now, this isn’t always a bad thing, we all like to revisit our older faves – what’s the next “collection” we can expect to see, or perhaps dream of seeing? Here’s a few possibilities:

Lego Worlds

Everyone’s played or seen one of the many Lego games available, offering their own spin on popular film & TV series’. Some played a Lego game and got into the original series as a result, some played the game because they were a fan of the series. Wouldn’t it be great if a compilation of all the Lego games could happen, to introduce players to series’ they never tried and let them relive the ones they have? From Star Wars and LotR, to superheroes and Indiana Jones, there’s something for everyone in a Lego collection.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – Definitive Edition

If you ask people what their favourite Call of Duty game is, there’s a good chance you’ll hear them say either MW or MW2. The Modern Warfare trilogy is a series of the most loved of Infinity Ward’s works, featuring ground-breaking multiplayer and one of the strongest storylines to feature in a CoD game. If CoD were to come back in a remastered, glossy coating, it’s a safe bet that MW would be its content.

Arcade Rewind

Back in 2004, a Space Invaders’ 25th Anniversary edition was released for the PS2, containing various editions of the classic game simulated within their original machines, from the cellophane tabletop versions right to the more modern 3D forms. Wouldn’t it be great to have a neatly-priced game of this style on new-gen consoles, but containing a selection of classic arcade games (in their original forms) from a bygone era? I know I’d be all over Phoenix!

Tom Clancy Legacy Collection

Tom Clancy’s name has been associated with some of Ubisoft’s biggest games, 3 of the biggest and most loved series’ being Ghost Recon, Splinter Cell and Rainbow Six. With most titles being rather aged now, it shouldn’t be impossible to port over all the main titles of all 3 series’, especially with two of the three already having sequels on the way and SC likely to have a new entry soon. It would also be a wonderful show of respect and appreciation of the amazing works of the late Mr. Clancy, who started this whole show.

Batman: Arkham Chronicles

Safe to say, the Batman: Arkham series is quite possibly the most groundbreaking and successful superhero video game series of all time, and certainly deserves a collection of its own, telling this version of the Great Detective’s story with new-gen upgrades applied to the already beautiful graphics crafted by Rocksteady and co. Even those not fans of Batman can find something to enjoy in an Arkham game, and with Arkham Knight just released, it’s the perfect time to tie it all together in one seamless story.

What “collection” would you like to see?

Let us know in the comments!