Get Ready for Destiny Year Two’s Updates!

Destiny Year Two is just around the corner and it’s bringing a whole new suite of features, updates and fixes – here are the highlights from today’s livestream!

Vault Space & Collection Terminals

Vault space for the weapons and armor tabs  has now been upped to 72 each. No space has been added for other item types, however players won’t need to store as much of this in the Vault anymore. This is because of a new addition known as Collection Terminals!

Around your social space, you will find new terminals to access, including one for Emblems, Exotics and so on. Upon opening your Exotic Collection, for example, will show you all the Exotics you currently own or have owned at some point and perhaps dismantled. At the cost of currencies, you can “create” your desired Exotic from the blueprint stored within your collection.

The Gunsmith is Meaningful

Banshee has got some shiny new wares to show off too!

Firstly, he has FREE “field test” guns for you. These are guns he wants you to test out for him, take them out in the field, use them in a certain way, and you will gain Gunsmith reputation. This reputation can also be earned through new quests he has to offer.

What does this reputation get me, you ask? More guns!  Reach the right reputation rank, have the right currency and you can purchase Foundry Orders from him. Think of these “Orders” as, well, orders – when his next delivery comes in (every Wednesday, now known as Armsday), you can redeem a Foundry Order for its corresponding gun. Simple, right?

Crucible & Vanguard

Shaxx has some new bounties for you to play with, and a tempting reward if you go beyond the call of duty. Complete all 5 of his weekly bounties in the Crucible and you will also complete his “The True Meaning of War” bounty, which promises “Unknown Rewards”, which are apparently well worth taking on the difficult Crucible bounties for. Exciting, eh?

Crucible & Vanguard Marks are also being consolidated into one, easily manageable currency known as Legendary Marks, so you can take advantage of either vendor without having to grind as much of their relevant activity if you don’t like it!

Leveling is Changing Again

Forget what you thought you knew about levels, it’s all changing, but don’t worry, it’s nice and easy to follow.

The new level system features two figures, your level and your Light. Your level will initially be calculated based on the best gear you own, whether it be in your inventory or your Vault, from there you will increase your level by earning experience, just like it currently is pre-level 20. This level will be capped at 40.

Your Light level will determine your Attack and Defense values, and will be calculated as an average of all the attack and defense values of your equipped weapons and other gear.

Every player will also receive a one-time consumable called a Spark of Light. Upon reaching the Tower for the first time as a new character, or the next time a player arrives at the Tower, they can claim this item which allows them to instantly level a character up to level 25, and will equip them with appropriate gear. This means new players can pick up Destiny, use their Spark and get straight into all the TTK action their veteran friends are already enjoying.


All this lands on the launch day of The Taken King, September 15th!


Are you excited for these changes? What are you most happy about?

Let us know in the comments!