New Halo 5 Maps: Coliseum, The Rig, Plaza, and Stormbreak

Halo is having a huge week at this year’s Gamescom. The revival of Halo Wars and the announcement of the 1 million dollar Halo World Championship tournament are just some of the ginormous news bits coming from the show! For now, though, let’s take a look at three of the three new Arena maps and one Warzone map that have been revealed!


Coliseum is a small, symmetrical two-base map with a focus on gametypes like Team Slayer, CTF, and Assault. The map, which is very Forerunner in design, is perfect for all competitive Arena bouts you could possibly face!

h5-guardians-arena-coliseum-center-pitThe Rig:

The Rig is a small asymmetrical Arena map with unconventional lanes of travel that take full advantage of all the new mobile Spartan abilities. We also see our first example of interactive environments with the ledge that holds the active camouflage able to be destroyed, dropping the camo to the ground below.


Plaza is another small-scale Arena map that some Greenskulls are comparing to one of my favorite Halo 2 maps, Turf. Plaza is set in a tight urban environment possibly set somewhere in Asia OR a Chinatown-like area in an American city.


The last of the newly shown maps, Stormbreak is a brand new Warzone map set in a┬ácomplex along a snow-capped mountain range. It’s interesting to note what an enemy that looks very similar to The Warden might be an Elite Boss on this map from the screenshots we have!