Resident Evil 2 is Being Remade… Properly!

In a very-much expected move by Capcom following social media “feelers” they’d been putting out surrounding the project, Resident Evil 2 is officially being remade!

As this is simply an announcement of the start of this project, details are very scarce, however we do know this will be a “full” remake of the hit survival horror game from 1998. This means fans can expect to see a remake on the scale of the treatment RE1 received in its 2002 port to Gamecube, aptly known by the informal title of “REmake”. This version featured all-new graphics, new audio and an assortment of new secrets & extras.

This announcement comes hot off the heels of the news that Resident Evil Zero is being remastered for an early 2016 release following the record-breaking success of┬áthis year’s RE1 remaster. If you’re starting to see a pattern here, that’s because Capcom has highlighted that HD remasters of their hit titles are now a “key business activity” for them due to the demand created by the increase of download sales.

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