Resident Evil: The Final Chapter Release Date

The sixth and intended-to-be final movie in the Resident Evil series now has a release date!

Releasing January 7th 2017, Resident Evil: The Final Chapter (as it is tentatively titled) continues Alice’s story after the events of 2012’s Retribution, which pulled a whopping $240 million at box office on a $65 million budget. The series is of course loosely based on the Resident Evil video game franchise’s story, blending characters, entities and concepts from the games into a worldwide zombie apocalypse.

Although loved by many, the series is somewhat infamous for its editing, scripting and acting blunders; despite this it’s certainly worth watching whether you’re an RE veteran, a horror connoisseur or merely a humble action fan. Who can say no to 90+ minutes of guns, explosions, zombies, evil corporate executives and Milla Jovovich kicking ass?

Have you seen any RE movies? What do you think of them?

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