“SUROS Arsenal Pack” Pre-Order Bonus Trailer for Destiny: The Taken King

Bungie and Activision just released a trailer showing off the SUROS Arsenal Pack Pre-Order Bonus for Destiny: The Taken King. The SUROS Arsenal Pack features three SUROS-branded primary weapons, a SUROS-themed Armor Shader, and a SUROS Fire Player Emblem.

Destiny TTK Suros Foundry Weapons

Early access to Suros Arsenal Pack is available starting September 15th 2015. Suros Arsenal Pack can be attained by pre-order of digital and physical editions of Destiny: The Taken King or by the purchase of the digital or physical Collector’s Edition. This content is not exclusive, as it will become available to all players through regular gameplay January 1st, 2015. Suros Arsenal Pack is not exclusive to any retailer or platform. Subject to availability.

Destiny TTK Suros Armor Shader Hunter Destiny TTK Suros Armor Shader Titan Destiny TTK Suros Fire Emblem

“But what does that mean?” Bungie has already answered this when the pre-order bonus was announced a little earlier than expected.

  • This offer will be available to all players outside the United States
  • This includes pre-order of the $40 and $60 editions (not just the CE)
  • Yes, if you’ve already pre-ordered a qualifying edition, you’re included

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