Castle Crashers Remastered Release Date

The Behemoth just announced that Castle Crashers Remastered (CCR) will release on September 9th, 2015 for Xbox One! That’s not all, The Behemonth announced the pricing details and deals for fans of the original Castle Crashers.

Here’s the quick low down on what’s to come with CCR!

  • New (seriously fun and addicting) multiplayer mini-game called Back Off Barbarian
  • 5 times larger texture sizes than the original
  • 60 frames per second, which is twice the frame rate of the original
  • Performance updates, gameplay tweaks
  • Online multiplayer performance updates
  • Ability to find games easier and quicker online

They have stated that this is the release date for North America and other countries will follow as ratings are approved.

Castle Crashers Remastered for the Xbox One will be $14.00. However, if you previously owned Castle Crashers on Xbox 360 you’ll be able to get Castle Crashers Remastered for Xbox One for FREE. This deal won’t last forever, you have till September 20th to get CCR for free.

If you, for some reason, miss out on this awesome deal there will be a loyalty discount for CCR starting on September 21st 2015. With this loyalty discount CCR will only cost you $5 – provided you are a previous own of Castle Crashers on Xbox 360.


That’s not all, Behemoth has announced that in the “nearish future”, the original Castle Crashers will be playable on Xbox One via Backwards Compatibility when the feature launches this fall.

Check out the Castle Crashers Remastered Announcement Trailer where you’ll also get a glimpse at the new mini-game “Back Off Barbarian” which I personally got to try out at Pax Prime and was hooked! It’s fast paced and very challenging.