Star Wars Battlefront Open Beta Coming October 8th

The highly anticipated, and highly controversial, Star Wars Battlefront’s also highly anticipated open beta will hit Xbox One, PS4 and PC on October 8th and will run for 4 days until October 12th.

The beta will launch with the 20 vs 20 Walker Assault mode, the game’s Survival mode (a co-op horde mode type thingy), and the recently announced Drop Zone gametype (pretty much Battlefield’s Conquest mode). Noticeably excluded is the game mode I was personally looking forward to the most — Fighter Squadron. But from what I’ve heard, piloting in Battlefront was a little janky since E3, so maybe they wanted more time to polish that up. Either way, I’m looking forward to get my hands on this game before launch so it can convince me it’s more than just a Battlefield clone.

As previously mentioned, the beta is OPEN meaning anyone can play. This also means you should expect heavy server loads and should expect some bugs here and there due to this being an older build of a game still in development.