Star Wars: Uprising – Why it’s Worth Any SW Fan’s Time

Just launched, Star Wars: Uprising is a mobile RPG developed by Kabam, a developer well versed in building mobile games. At PAX Prime, I had an opportunity to meet with Dan Martin, Uprising’s Lead Designer, to get the lowdown on this exciting new experience and demo the game for myself! Make sure to read on, find out why any Star Wars fan should definitely try this one out, and maybe even bag some exclusive swag!

Available for free on iOS and Android devices, Star Wars: Uprising forms part of the canon storyline between RotJ and The Force Awakens. The game explores the aftermath of Emperor Palpatine’s assassination in Return of the Jedi. In an attempt to suppress the grim news, the Empire imposes an “Iron Blockade” on the Anoat sector, part of the Outer Rim territories that includes the Bespin, Hoth and (duh) Anoat systems.

Players take on the role of a small-time smuggler who gets caught by Imperial forces transporting contraband and goes on the run, forced to learn to fight and hide in the midst of this harsh blockade, gradually developing into a more experienced rogue. Depending on how players choose to progress, this small-time smuggler could gain all kinds of reputation, hero or scoundrel, maybe even coming across a famous face or two… It’s not all about reputation either, from the get go your smuggler is personal to you, as the game opens with a character-creation suite with options for face, hair, gender, race and more. Similar to Borderlands and Destiny, players can create multiple characters and a “loot system” of sorts is built into the game, where players will unlock and receive new gear to improve their smuggler’s abilities and change up their appearance.

The game progresses to offer players an array of missions such as smuggling and recovery tasks, eventually unlocking more and more abilities through characters you will come across in the story. Think of it in the story context: small-time smuggler needs to learn how to fight with a melee weapon? Go find a Gamorrean. Need to learn how to fire a blaster more efficiently? Go see a Bounty Hunter. This is effectively how it works, and opens up the opportunity for Kabam to add new abilities down the line by adding new characters in patches if they so wished.

Now, if your mobile gaming habits are like mine, you may not have a lot of free time or perhaps the patience to persevere for long periods of time with a mobile game, as many recent AAA branded mobile releases seem to require you do. The good news is, not only are the missions I’ve tried so far short and sweet yet satisfying, but there’s still a way to progress with the game when you aren’t feeling like playing for such a long time. In a way similar to that of the system made famous in games like Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood, you can recruit NPC characters as you play through the game and build a “crew” to send out on timed missions. This means you could hop on for two minutes, check the available missions, pick suitable crew members and send them out to earn gear and more for you whilst you’re busy. Of course, this comes with risks, and you could get your crew seriously injured or killed on these runs if you’re not careful.

Possibly one of the most important aspects of a mobile game is the control setup. With Uprising, gone are the ever-so-controversial twin on-screen thumbsticks that inevitably obstruct view and deteriorate the gameplay experience. Instead, players will direct their smugglers through a series of gestures and tap inputs. To move, simply tap a spot on the screen, or continue to hold down and move your finger across the screen to provide continual directions. Basic attacks are performed by tapping on an enemy, with special gestures performed for more complex attacks and moves. The great thing about Uprising’s combat system is that after you perform a gesture, for example a dodge move to avoid incoming fire, the game automatically makes the character resume standard attacks against the most suitable enemy, unless directed otherwise. In a nutshell, the feel of Uprising’s combat is both wholly enjoyable and uninhibited by the platform.

I won’t say much more on the game as this is one you definitely have to try out to fully appreciate. Apple certainly likes it, given that Uprising has jumped right into the top Featured spot in the App Store! It’s completely free-to-play, so why not give it a go! In fact… let’s give you even more of an incentive – free swag!


We’ve got 3 sets of Star Wars Uprising swag to give away, which includes a lanyard, Pinny Arcade Uprising pin and a (large size) t-shirt! To enter, all we’re asking you to do is give the game a go – download it, make a character and send us a photo/screenshot! Closing date is October 4th, after which we will select 3 winners at random, so you’ve got over two weeks to make your character as cool as possible to show off to the community. Entrants must be a member of ReadyUpLive and can either post their image in the comments of this article or tweet it to us @ReadyUpLive.

Can’t wait to see your characters, make sure to let us know what you think of the game!