Halo 5 Fireteam tl;dr – Blue Team

Halo 5 is just a couple of days away, but do you know Blue Team & Fireteam Osiris well enough? Well, today is your lucky day. We’ll be giving you a very brief overview of each member of both teams in Halo 5 over the next two days, one team each day, starting with Blue Team!

Spoilers ahead, be warned…


The man who needs no introduction, John was earmarked very early into his career as a strong leader and an excellent soldier. Given the title of Master Chief Petty Officer, his ability to direct teams ranging in size from fireteams to entire battalions is unmatched within his Spartan branch.

His reputation massively precedes him in almost any human encounter (and Covenant, to some degree), having earned every UNSC combat award and over 20 civilian honors. John has completed over 200 military operations in his career so far and has achieved feats that most UNSC personnel will only ever imagine possible, including the defense against the Flood, ending multiple Halo array threats and defeating the Didact, preventing the Composition of humanity.

The Master Chief is also known by his stoic and focused personality, a man of few words who tends to express himself through actions. After the recent loss of his long-time AI Cortana and a lengthy career in the SPARTAN program, his tendency to exhibit sociopathic tendencies has been noted as a concern and a potential threat to allied parties, should his psychological condition be allowed to deteriorate.


Born Kelly Shaddock, Spartan 087 was conscripted into the SPARTAN-II program at just six years old in 2517, where she was trained and augmented into the fearsome supersoldier we know her as. Despite being recognized as the fastest of all the Spartans, she was the slowest to recover from her augmentations; it has also been noted that her tolerance for pain and injury is extremely high.

Of her many operations, most notable are the parts she played in the defense of Reach and subsequent rescue of Dr Catherine Elizabeth Halsey. Deployed as part of Red Team during the invasion of Reach, Kelly and her team were forced to retreat once Reach’s fall became inevitable. The remaining Spartans fell back to CASTLE base to link up with team Delta, only to discover Halsey within the base. During the siege on CASTLE, Kelly was seriously injured and was extracted from Reach with her allies by the captured Ascendant Justice. Whilst sedated in recovery, Kelly was “abducted” by Halsey taken aboard the stolen stealth ship “Beatrice” and piloted to Forerunner Shield World Onyx. On the now activated world, she assisted the Spartans and UNSC personal in fending off the local Sentinels before escaping into the world’s Micro-Dyson Sphere, where they were trapped until communications were established with the outside world and they were rescued.


Known for displaying many similarities with John-117, Frederic Ellsworth has recorded one of the most prestigious careers of any UNSC operator. He is especially proficient at maintaining troop morale and stabilizing his team, however, has been known to empathize too deeply with his teammates, being deeply affected by allied casualties.

Fred is especially skilled with a combat knife and is believed to be the second-best SPARTAN-II sniper and spotter. As a key player in the SPARTAN-II ranks, he has served on nearly 200 missions with his comrades, most with Blue Team in one formation or another. Upon John’s return, he deferred command of Blue and continues to serve on operations with the four-Spartan squad. Having had a close working relationship with the Master Chief, it could be said they have formed one of the strongest personal bonds within the Spartan personnel.


Linda Pravdin was born in 2511 and, like all other SPARTAN-II conscripts, abducted in 2517 to join the ranks of history’s greatest supersoldiers.

Injured during the fall of Reach and presumed dead, John-117 recovered her and placed her into cryo-storage, where she remained during the events on Installation 04. Having been jettisoned from the Pillar of Autumn during her crash, she was collected by John and brought aboard the captured Ascendant Justice. Once Dr Halsey was extracted from CASTLE base, she removed Linda from cryo-storage and revived her, transplanting damaged organs with flash cloned replacements. She then went on to serve alongside her teammates during the Earth & Onyx campaigns before fully reuniting with Blue Team under John’s leadership.

Spartan 058 has been repeatedly recognized as possibly the greatest UNSC sniper in history, fearsome with a rifle without even needing a spotter. As stereotypically goes with her role, she has been identified as something of a “lone-wolf” Spartan and can be extremely quiet in nature.

Hopefully you now know enough about Blue Team to be ready for Halo 5: Guardians! Question is, are they better than Osiris? Have a read of tomorrow’s write up then let us know what you think!