Halo 5 Fireteam tl;dr – Osiris

You’ve seen Blue Team, but just who are the new kids on the block – Fireteam Osiris? With Halo 5 launching tonight, it’s best to be prepared – let’s take a look at them!

Spoilers ahead… be warned!

Jameson Locke

Former ONI agent Locke serves as the leader for Halo 5’s new fireteam – Osiris. Spending his early adulthood as a freelancer, Locke was very quickly eyeballed as a promising field agent for the Office of Naval Intelligence. Once recruited, he was put through the agency’s rigorous training program and fast became one of ONI’s top agents, serving as an Acquisitions Specialist.

Perhaps his most dangerous mission so far, in early 2556 Locke lead a team of ONI agents investigating terrorist activity on the colony world of Sedra. Failing to prevent a Covenant bioweapon attack, a large number of Sedrans were killed by the release of an element that corrupts Human DNA only. This element was traced to just one location – Alpha Shard, a piece of Installation 04 that was propelled across space as a result of its destruction at the hands of the Master Chief. Alongside ex-Spartan Col. Randall Aiken, Locke then led a mission to Alpha Shard to intercept another smuggler run, catch those responsible and destroy the element deposits. Following a relentless attack by the now native Lekgolo worms on the ring, the combined Sedran-ONI team began to deteriorate as members perished and tensions rose between the two factions. After a mutiny by two ONI agents, Locke, Sedran Private Macer and Aiken commandeered a damaged Condor to beat the traitors to the final escape transport – the smugglers’ Tug. Aiken detonated a Havok nuclear weapon as Locke and Macer escaped in the two-manned craft, sacrificing himself to destroy the deposits.

Later in that same year, Locke was recruited into the SPARTAN-IV program and underwent augmentations to further enhance his abilities. Having completed several highly-successful missions, he was given command of Fireteam Osiris.

An extremely efficient individual, Locke excels both on and off the battlefield with his advanced combat abilities and his strong leadership qualities, able to inspire confidence and command respect even in some of the harshest of circumstances.

Edward Buck

It was once said that if Buck was any better, he would be a Spartan – well, now he is. A military veteran with a very impressive combat record, Buck has seen it all – the destruction of Reach, the Harvest campaign, the siege on New Mombasa and much more.

Four years after enlisting with the UNSC, Buck was inducted into ODST training and remained as such for approximately two decades of war. During the Battle of Earth Buck and his team were assigned a mission to extract a large intel asset – later discovered to be the Covenant Engineer now commonly known as Vergil.

A short few years later, Buck joined the ranks of the Spartan IV’s and served under Jameson Locke as part of Fireteam Osiris.

Olympia Vale

Perhaps the soldier with the most unusual skillset within Osiris, Olympia Vale is a highly valuable asset to Fireteam Osiris. Being a culture expert, specifically the Sangheili and Forerunners, and a fluent speaker of Sangheili, Vale served as an ONI diplomat, most notably having assisted with negotiations with the newly formed Swords of Sanghelios, a faction led by Arbiter Thel ‘Vadam.

Following a challenging mission to Installation 00, Vale was recognised at high levels within ONI command for her communications skills and impressive combat record despite very little field training and was asked to join the Spartan-IVs soon after.

Holly Tanaka

Osiris’ engineering & technical expert Holly Tanaka joined the UNSC after being rescued from her homeworld of Minab, after it was glassed towards the end of the Human-Covenant war. Her technical expertise earned her a place in the 412 Engineer Command where she served as a Sergeant for approximately a year before she was offered a place in the Spartan-IV program following a search & rescue mission to the colony world of Cleyell.

Once she accepted the offer in 2557, Tanaka was assigned to the UNSC Infinity’s Fireteam Domino during the Requiem campaign, then tasked with safeguarding Dr Glassman during Operation: ATHENA, a mission to prevent Jul ‘Mdama, Dr Halsey and their entourage from accessing the Forerunner facility Absolute Record. By 2558, Tanaka was a part of Fireteam Osiris, as one of the founding members alongside Locke.

Well, there you have it! Now, hopefully, you’ll know enough about both teams in Halo 5 to feel prepared as you begin the greatest hunt in Halo history… Which fireteam is your favourite? Let us know in the comments!