RUL Community Update – We Back

In some form or fashion using the almost now cliche “We Back” just feels right. The Ready Up Live community update is indeed back, and will be a reoccurring thing. I could tell you the story of why the community updates, known then as “Friday Updates” disappeared, but like the speaker from Destiny makes so clear, some things are best saved for another time.

We’re on the verge of the release of a mainline Halo title. How absolutely exciting is that? I don’t know if I’ve been this pumped for the launch of a game in quite a while, and I know I’m not alone in feeling this way. The Halo community is alive, the excitement is quite literally palpable! You can see it in the streets (so to speak). We as a whole are excited about what Halo is offering! It’s an exciting time to be a Halo fan and I hope that you’re as pumped as we are.

To add to your Halo 5 hype, why not consider checking out some of our awesome pre-release content! This upcoming Monday we’ll have a review of the game’s campaign and our initial thoughts on multiplayer. If you can’t wait until Monday we have a few awesome and different ways to get your fix. The first of which is our nightly Twitch stream! You can check that out here. The second is on our YouTube Channel which has plenty of awesome prerelease content! Give them both some views!

Have you joined one of our Spartan Companies yet?! No!? What are you waiting for? This week’s featured thread discusses exactly how you can join one of the Ready Up Live Spartan Companies! Give it a read and join up today!

For this new run of community updates I’ll have special featured things that will occur on alternating weeks. The first, and this is one that I think is exciting is the Meet the Team feature! Every other week I’ll be interviewing one random staff member, asking them a fairly random set of questions! The first staff member I’ve picked to be interviewed is our very own Community Manager, Start a Riot! So let’s dive in!

What do you think is your greatest accomplishment in life thus far?

Oh Gosh, Um, Oooh… That’s a good question. I would say making a difference in young people’s lives through teaching. You know I’m obviously proud of my degrees I’ve gotten, and that I survived graduate school. But you know, one of the most rewarding things I see frequently is that I’ve been able to help kids pursue their dreams.


What do you think people would like to know about you?

Ohh, ummm, that’s a tough question! *laughs* Let’s see. I almost pursued a career in the culinary arts. I wanted to go to culinary school, but I didn’t think that I could handle the demands of it. And so teaching was another passion, so that’s what I went for. But still to this day I like to pretend I’m a professional chef/baker, and like to make stuff for others when I can, even though I’m kind of a picky eater.


Ugly and live for ever? Or attractive and die in a year.

What is beauty really?


Favourite word?

Ahh umm favourite word? Dang, this is such a tough question. We might have to come back to this question. *long break* I’ve figured out my favourite word it’s umm uhhh. *laughs* My most favourite word is salamander, because I think it sounds funny, and I have also uh named uh lord… uh I don’t know his real name because I just call him salamander on Destiny.


And your least favourite?

I think the word Curd kind of grosses me out, which is weird because I love cottage cheese, but I don’t pay attention to the words on the container. I had a bad experience drinking old, curdled milk, so the word makes me nauseous.


Why did you think the Cubs could actually win?

Because there’s always the one little bit of hope that’s there. That I’m hoping in my lifetime that I see them win. I don’t expect to see it happen, but I hope one day they will. It’s just a Chicago thing, like I hope the Bears will win. They probably won’t because Jay Cutler is on the team, but one can dream.


What’s your perfect pizza?

My perfect pizza is, uhh pepperoni with extra cheese, I’m a very simple person. Or or uh If I want to go on the other side of the spectrum, Chicken alfredo is good as long as the chicken isn’t grissely or gross.


What’s the best compliment you’ve received?

Oooo, best compliment I ever received? *Quiet* oh gosh. I’m trying to think what means the most to me. I think the best compliment I ever received actually was at a job, where I had my boss come up to me, and told me that all of the staff that i was running said wonderful things about my leadership and seeing me interact with the children. It meant a lot to hear all of my staff say nice things.



Why not?


Do you pay extra for guac?

I do. I pay extra for guac, but I get it on the side. Because I like to dip my chips in it, and then dip the chip into the burrito bowl and eat it that way. ***** I know guac is extra *tosses money*


Have you ever been in love with two people at the same time.

No. I have not. Um, I’ve always been the type of person where if I even just like someone, it’s difficult for me to put myself in situations, or embrace situations where I like someone else. It’s very uncomfortable for me to be in that situation, and now that I am very deeply in love with someone in my life I realize how easy it is to put on blinders to everyone else around me. It’s like tunnel vision just for him basically. 


Do you think it’s wrong?

Yes. I feel like if you start to develop feelings for someone else, that it means something bigger, and that you should handle that. I don’t think it’s fair to either person.


Introvert, or extrovert?

Ooo. Secretly introvert. I force myself to be an extrovert, and most people would assume that I am, especially given the profession I’m in. But I am very much content with being alone sometimes and not always being in social situations.


Weirdest fact about you?

Oh, weirdest fact about me? Hmmmmm. These are some tough questions I have to think about! ummmmm. Josh why do you make me think so hard! *snaps* Gosh…. hmmmm…. I can play the Harry Potter theme song on my clarinet. How’s that for a weird fact. Also weird fact I guess. I can never finish a meal to save my life ever. (It’s true, I’ve vulchered nachos from her at pax)



Hopefully you now know a bit more (random facts) about our Community Manager, Start a Riot! There was one more question, but you’re going to have to wait for two weeks to see exactly what it was. 😉

Before I end this community update I have one more thing to share with you guys! The return of Just One RULe! Our talented artist this time around is once again Rez! You can follow him on twitter – @xRezz Enjoy guys!



Alright guys with that out I have nothing more to write about! I hope you enjoyed the return of the RUL Community Update as much as I enjoyed writing this for you fine folks! I’ll see you in a week! Rebel OUT!