Xûr has returned to the Destiny servers for the THIRD time since the release of The Taken King, complete with a new set of exotic gear for any guardian with plenty of extra Strange Coins to spend. However, just how many of this week’s exotics will actually appeal to the Destiny community?

This time around, Xûr is offering guardians a whole new line-up of armor pieces amongst the new exotic collection, the Immolation Fists for the Titan, the upgraded Celestial Nighthawk for the Hunter, the upgraded Hear of Praxic Fire for the Warlock, an Exotic Helmet Engram, and a new Heavy Legacy Engram, which decodes into old-school exotics weapons post-The Taken King. Xûr is located in the Tower hanger.

Each exotic gear item costs 13 Strange Coins with the exception that the Legacy Engram will cost 31 Strange Coins and the Exotic Helmet Engram costing 19.   Xûr is also selling a new consumable, Three of Coins. Using this will increase the chances of an exotic dropping after your next boss fight.