Highwire Games Reveals “Golem” at PSX

We’ve all been wondering what the veteran team at recently-formed Highwire Games has had in the works – now we know, and all we can ask for is more!

Revealed yesterday at Sony’s Playstation Experience (PSX) keynote,¬†Highwire’s first title “Golem” will be releasing exclusively for Playstation VR.

The reveal came in the form of the trailer above, hinting at some of the game’s mechanics whilst showing off Golem’s captivating visual style – all in-engine!

Discussion from Highwire’s Creative Director¬†Jaime Griesemer reveals that Golem puts players in the shoes of a character (shown in-trailer) with the ability to control Golems, rather than directly playing as a Golem. Loosely playing on the idea of VR within a VR game, Golem is looking to be quite the addition to the growing catalogue of exciting VR games coming through the pipeline. Expect to hear more in the months to come!

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