What REQs Would You Like To See?

There’s currently an awful lot of chatter about needing gametypes rather than REQs in the February update (check out Greenskull’s video on this if you haven’t already), but amid all this, there’s definitely still plenty of awesome REQs that could appear in future updates. Here’s a few minor and major additions to the REQ offering in Halo 5 that would be awesome to see included in the future!

Classic ‘Hog


We’ve had a few “classic” REQs crop up already, with the “Classic BR” and “SPNKr” rocket launcher already added, a Halo 2 BR coming in the “Infinity’s Armory” update and talks of a Halo CE Magnum to come at some point in the future, but why stop at weapons? Wouldn’t it be hilarious to run out into the streets of Noctus, turn around and see the familiar, basic chunky silhouette of Halo CE’s Warthog drifting around the corner? Don’t answer that, I already know you want it.

Helmet Mods


Cast your minds back to the beautifully diverse armour customisation options available in Halo: Reach and you’ll remember that rather than helmet skins (as in Halo 5), Reach offered multiple variations of the base helmets, adding network modules, uplink systems and more. Many players were disappointed that only the helmets and full body armour sets could be changed in Halo 5’s customisation suite, so adding helmet mods in addition to skins (skins could be applied to modded helmets) could add a neat extra layer of depth to the personalisation options available to players. It shouldn’t be too hard a job, as these could be added as their own specific helmet models as if it were a new helmet altogether.

This also leads into another request of mine – where multiple variations of the same helmet exist (skins, and hypothetically, helmet mods etc.), PLEASE stack these within the armour browser, it’s so easy to lose pieces you like within the sea of options available.

Oh, and while I’m tacking on ideas, this would also be a great way to introduce some “fun” variations of helmets like Reach’s Haunted Pilot helmet, Emile-inspired EVA [C] and Halo 4’s skull-detailed Orbital helmet.

Plasma Rifle/Scarab Gun?


We now also know that in the next update the Needle Rifle is making a spiritual return in the form of “Blood of Suban”, an upgraded Carbine firing Needler shards that can supercombine – might we one day see the original Plasma Rifle make a return in some form? This could visually look (and sound) like the original Plasma Rifle or Halo 2’s brute equivalent, but be based on the Storm Rifle with modified traits.

Or…. for some extra fun, maybe it could return in the form of a high REQ level Scarab Gun power weapon? It could fire a Fusion Rifle type blast with an explosive impact damage à la the ONI turrets or The Answer.

SPI Armour

For those who haven’t delved far into the books, this one may not be of as much interest – though I’m sure those who have would be extremely excited to get their hands on an armour set inspired by Halo: Ghosts of Onyx’s Semi Powered Infiltration (SPI) armour.

SPI armour was an experimental armour system developed initially for use by SPARTAN-III’s, advantageously balancing production costs, durability, built-in technology and stealth capabilities. Far more advanced than ODST suits, SPI armour was still significantly inferior to standard Mjolnir armour due to lack of energy shielding, movement enhancements, AI support, and more. However, it did have built-in photo-reactive panels that would mimic the effects of Active Camouflage to some degree, and was far easier to produce and transport, aligning its purpose with its intended users, the more “expendable” SPARTAN-III’s.

In a nutshell, SPI armour gets talked about a fair bit in Halo’s expanded fiction, and I’m sure a lot of fans would be keen to see it reimagined for Halo 5.

Armour Effects

Finally, a favourite from Halo: Reach that did a great job of ensuring the game didn’t take itself too seriously – armour effects. These visual modifiers added dark and dingy smog clouds, bright flaming helmets, lightning sparks, Grunt Birthday Party sound effects & visuals, and more fun options to Halo’s customisation. With some of the more…ahem…creative skins appearing in REQ updates, it’s safe to say 343i could drum up some entertaining just-for-fun effects to add onto our armour… Looking at you, Lord of the Fries.

What REQ ideas can you come up with? Maybe they could end up in Halo 5!

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