A Megaton of DLC Coming to Fallout 4

Bethesda has not become lazy by any means, following the massive success of Fallout 4. One would think that after launching such a hugely successful title, that the team working on it would take a break and enjoy the fruits of their labor…but not Bethesda. They announced today, that they have been working on a megaton of DLC for players. (Yes , I made a Fallout pun. No, I’m not sorry.)

Since Fallout 4 launched, we’ve been blown away by your support for the game. It stands as our most successful title ever and that couldn’t have happened without you. It’s been truly inspiring, the stories, images and experiences that you’ve created. And now it’s time to share with you some of what we’ve been creating – our first series of add-ons: Automatron, Wasteland Workshop and Far Harbor.




$9.99 USD | £7.99 GBP | $16.95 AUD

Release Date: March 2016

This DLC focuses on a new mysterious foe called The Mechanist, who has unleashed a horde of evil robots upon the Commonwealth. It’s up to you to defeat these hordes of mechanized terror, scavenge their parts, and build your own robotic companions to bring down The Mechanist. You can customize your mechanical companions almost completely. Right down to their paint job and even their voices!



Wasteland Workshop

Price: $4.99 USD | £3.99 GBP | $7.95 AUD

Release Date: April 2016

The Wasteland Workshop DLC adds ways to customize your settlements. Including nixie tube lighting, taxidermy, letter kits, and more. However, the best new feature that this DLC brings, is the ability to construct traps for the creatures of the Wasteland. Including raiders! Once you’ve got them, you can tame them or pit them against each other in epic fights…even against your own settlers! Bring on the Deathclaw Duels!



Far Harbor

Price: $24.99 USD | £19.99 GBP | $39.95 AUD

Release Date: May 2016

The most expensive of the 3 add-ons, the Far Harbor DLC  takes players on a new quest for the Valentine Detective Agency. A young woman has gone missing and the search leads the player to an island off the coast of Maine, called Far Harbor. It is an area covered in higher levels of radiation, which has created a more feral world. There is a brooding conflict here between the Children of Atom, the synths, and the local townspeople. It will be up to the player to choose a side and find the missing young woman. Will you bring peace to Far Harbor and at what cost?

This DLC features the largest landmass that Bethesda has ever offered in an add-on and includes new enemies, new dungeons, and higher level weapons and armor than ever before!

Bethesda is offering these 3 DLC packs, but they have plenty more planned as well. Over $60 worth of additional content through 2016!

However, because of this, the price of the season pass will increase from the current $29.99 to $49.99 USD (£24.99 to £39.99 GBP; $49.95 to $79.95 AUD) on March 1, 2016.

There is good news for those that already purchased the season pass for $29.99, however! Nothing changes for you! You still get everything at no additional cost— the full $60 offering of add-on content for the original price of $29.99.

Bethesda could easily change the price today, but they’ve decided to delay it until March 1st as a way of saying thank you to all their loyal fans. That means that if you didn’t buy the season pass yet, there is still time: anyone who buys the Season Pass for $29.99 before March 1st will get all $60 worth of content. If you want all this DLC, but want to save money, then now is the time to buy the season pass!

If you want the chance to play these add-ons  early, you’re in luck! Bethesda will be running closed beta tests and all you have to do is sign up on Bethesda.net. They will be picking participants in the coming weeks and those that are chosen, will receive a code to redeem and begin the download. These “betas” are the full finished content, complete with achievements. That means that participants will not have to buy and download the DLC again when it officially launches, as they already own it.

Beyond these add-ons, they will continue to offer free updates to the game as time goes on and fully support not only the game itself, but the community. Bethesda has big plans in store for Fallout 4 and they aim to keep players in the Wasteland as long as possible…but with amazing content like this, can any of us really complain?

Well…yeah, radroaches and bloatflies are disgusting. So, of course we can…but you get the point.

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A Megaton of DLC Coming to Fallout 4