Between the Hammer Storm livestream, an article on Xbox Wire and the Hammer Storm Launch Trailer (above), the last 24 hours have been jam-packed with excitement for Halo fans. Read on for full details on all the brand new content shown off for Halo 5!

Hammer Storm OUT NOW

February’s content update for Halo 5: Guardians, titled “Hammer Storm” was not only fully detailed today but was also released ahead of its expected window! (If it hasn’t automatically downloaded, power cycle your console to force the update)

Hammer Storm adds a plethora of new content as detailed in the below excerpt from Halo Waypoint:


New Arena Map – Torque


“Commissioned by Lethbridge Industrial in 2555, Auriga Station served as one of the company’s preeminent research and development facilities. Fitted with the latest in UNSC fabrication systems and Sangheili-procured forges, the station could also carefully disassemble, analyze, and rebuild nearly any piece of recovered technology to aid in reverse-engineering efforts. Stripping bare Lethbridge’s vast archives of secrets and making a mockery of their counter-cyberintrusion suites, Cortana quickly repurposed the loyalties of the station’s resident AI and removed the human crew.

Tactics: Large symmetrical map that caters to Capture the Flag and Assault game modes. The pistons in each courtyard can provide key gameplay for cover, traversal, and objective movement due to their moving up and down. The teams that are the most successful are the ones that control the middle of the map and coordinate attacks on the opposing base.”

New Game Modes: Grifball, Assault & Fiesta

The community’s cry for more game modes has been heard in earnest, with the beginning of a slew of multiplayer modes being added to Halo 5: Guardians with Hammer Storm. Chief among the additions are the highly popular “ball” gametypes Assault and Grifball.

Assault features two teams facing off against each other with the aim of getting a neutrally-spawning ball to the enemy team’s base. The ball carrier is unable to shoot, but is armed with a one-hit-kill melee ability and two thrust charges to aid them in reaching their objective.


Meanwhile, in the community-favourite Grifball, players are armed with an Energy Sword and the newly returned Gravity Hammer as they smash and slice their way through the opposition to gain control of the neutral ball and score in the enemy team’s goal. When a player picks up the ball they change colour to orange to resemble Grif, a character from the series which spawned this very game mode – Red Vs Blue!

Fiesta also returns to Halo with this update just as you remember it – the spectacular spin on regular Slayer that simply can’t be predicted. Spawn with two completely random weapons with each life and make the most of them, whether you receive a Binary Rifle, an Incineration Cannon or a humble Plasma Pistol!

Also worth noting is the addition of all ball assets to Forge Mode, where it’s possible to create your own game modes and variants! Ricochet, anyone?

Bip-Bap-Bam: The M6D Returns!


As with all prior content updates, Hammer Storm adds an enormous amount of new REQs including the return of two fan-favourites: the aforementioned Gravity Hammer and the Halo: CE M6D Pistol!

“Available in Warzone and Forge, this trusty sidearm is straight out of the game that started it all, Halo: Combat Evolved. With steady aim, taking down opponents is as easy as one, two, three.

M6D Pistol – This pistol is a recoil-operated, magazine-fed handgun. It issued with a smart-linked scope capable of 2x magnification. It fires 12.7mm semi-armor-piercing, high-explosive rounds. It can shoot either semi-automatic or automatic fire.

Shot placement is very important. The only shot that guarantees immediate and total incapacitation is one roughly centered in the head, above a horizontal line passing through the ear opening and below the crown of the alien skull.”

Full update notes can be found at the bottom of the Halo Waypoint page here.

But wait, there’s more!

Spring/Summer Updates Detailed


Now there’s something to get excited about – above is a short tease of what’s to come over the next few months via free content updates for Halo 5: Guardians. But…what’s that over on the right? That’s right – Firefight is coming back!

Details are thin on the ground currently as to what the Warzone connection could mean for Firefight, but it’s certainly got to be worth the wait. You can catch a brief sneak peak at the end of the Hammer Strom Launch Trailer at the top of this article.

“The new mode, called “Warzone Firefight”, will bring PvE to Halo 5: Guardians multiplayer and let players battle together against common foes (and truly show off their custom Spartans to boot!) That’s all we’ll say for now, but trust us, we can’t wait to tell you more about Warzone Firefight in the coming months.”

That’s all for now! Make sure to check out the livestream, Xbox Wire and Halo Waypoint for more details!

What are you most excited for? What do you think will change with Warzone Firefight?

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